2019/3/7 15:07:31

Thanks history makes us more and more stronger. It feeds us back with experience, honors, friendship, money, and also tears, pains, and so on, which are great fortune for our whole career and whole life.

Never forget the first time we met. Also, never forget the people all the way, all the time. Thank you (Customers, colleagues, workers, suppliers, friends and so on) very much for your kind accompanying!

感恩历史. 感恩过去. 感恩那些人,感恩那些事. 感谢你们让我们成长, 让我们变得更加优秀. 多年来,我们收获了许多, 有经验,荣誉,友谊,金钱, 眼泪,伤痛,等等. 这些将是我们职业生涯当中的宝贵财富.

永远不要忘记我们第一次相见的场景. 永远不要忘记那一路走来的人,和事. 谢谢你们(客户, 同事,工人,供应商,朋友等等)的一路陪伴!