Custom Neon Sign

Custom Neon Signs in Canada

Canada is home to a lot of retail stores of custom neon signs.

Custom Neon Signs in Canada.jpg

Those that top the list include High Neon, Best Custom Neon, and Neonify. For their production, they get their materials and their sources from none other than China!

This makes custom neon signs in Canada too expensive and too pricey! So, if you want to get it for a cheap price, ANPU-Lighting is the perfect choice for you! We’re capable of providing custom neon signs that are specific to what you need!

An image of a custom neon sign that is Canadian


Custom Neon Signs in Hong Kong


When it comes to the wideness and the diversification of neon signs, Hong Kong comes next after China.

Custom Neon Signs in Hong Kong.jpg

Some of Hong Kong’s most iconic neon sign lights

The primary drawback in purchasing custom neon signs in Hong Kong is that they charge expensively and costly, just like custom neon signs in Canada and in other western countries.

Even if they source their raw materials from China, they charge high due to the fact that they’re known in the industry as one of the lucrative places in the world.

With ANPU-Lighting, you can get the same quality of custom neon signs that you can get in Hong Kong but all for a cheaper, more affordable, and more competitive rate!

Custom Neon Signs Amazon.png

Some of the top-rated and popular custom neon signs on Amazon

Custom Neon Signs Amazon


Amazon has been the world’s most-sought after e-commerce websites because of their openness. You can purchase anything from a single hairpin, to the most complex and most comprehensive of spare parts for cars and automotive, tools, gadgets, and the like.

Yes, you can purchase custom neon signs in Amazon, too! In fact, the top neon signs you can purchase in Amazon include:

  1. Let’s Get Weird Neon Sign

  2. Let’s Party Custom Neon Sign

  3. The Richards Neon Sign

  4. Coors Light Neon Sign

  5. Girls Girls Girls Traditional Neon Sign

  6. Neon Sign Sun Neon Light

  7. Neon Heart Light Neon Signs

  8. Lady Back LED Neon Sign

  9. Do What You Love Real Glass Handmade

  10. 3 Pack Star Moon Planet

Custom Neon Signs in U.K..jpg

Custom Neon Signs in the U.K.

Some of the top-selling U.K. custom neon signs

​(Photo shows glass neon signs)

The United Kingdom (U.K.) is the country that comes next after U.S.A. for the high demand of neon signs.


Due to this, various custom neon sign stores have emerged and those that are in the country’s market include neon express, neonsignart, and neonsigncreations.


All these companies take and get all their raw materials and products from Chinese neon sign manufacturers.

And if you need custom neon signs but they’re not able to give you what you need, feel free to work with ANPU-Lighting to get affordable and competitive custom neon signs in the U.K.

Custom Neon Signs in India.jpg

Custom Neon Signs in India

If you’re in India, no matter what city or municipality you are in, you can also get custom neon signs! You can purchase these from YourNeonPrint, AboveNeno, and Andheri Neon with no problems!


But just like other countries and other regions, they also get their products from China. So, to cut costs and to shave off a few hundred dollars, work with ANPU Lighting. You can get it for more than half the price!

Custom neon sign of the Indian flag

Custom Neon Signs Etsy.png

Custom Neon Signs Etsy

Etsy is the American company that you can run to if you need crafts, supplies, and household items in the most fashionable way! That means, you can get custom neon signs from Etsy, too. But, the only problem is that your choices are limited since most handcrafted things there are already pre-made.

Most of the suppliers there get their materials from none other than China. So, you might as well work directly with a custom neon sign supplier in China for better, more accurate, and higher quality custom neon signs.

Some of Etsy’s top-selling and trending custom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs Near Me.jpg

The most famous custom neon sign stores would be located in the big cities.

If you reside in a smaller and much more secluded city, municipality, or province, you can find small shops that offer custom neon signs.

A couple of problems may arise if you get products from a local custom neon sign shop – and them having limited materials is one of them.

With ANPU Lighting, it doesn’t matter where you are! If you need custom neon signs and if you want it to be 100% exactly the same was what you want, we can get it for you!

Custom Neon Signs Near Me

You’ll find most of the custom neon sign stores in major cities

Custom Neon Signs Color Changing.gif

Custom Neon Signs Color Changing

If you’re interested in seeing a myriad of different hues and shades, you can purchase custom neon signs color changing, too!

It’s interesting especially if you get the color-changing ones that exactly fit what you’ll be using them for.

Color changing neon signs you can customize the style and design

RGB Pixel Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs Toronto.jpg

Custom Neon Signs Toronto

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and finding custom neon signs there should never be a problem.

The diversity of the city is what’s responsible for the migration of a lot of races, including Chinese people there. So, more than 80% – if not all retail stores and outlets that sell custom neon signs in Toronto get their supplies from Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

An image of a Toronto custom neon sign

Neon Sign Custom Los Angeles.jpg

Neon Sign Custom Los Angeles

Should your business be located in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, you’ll never have any problems getting custom neon signs, too! In fact, the city is housed by some of the best ones in the country, including Duarte Neon, Best Buy Neon Signs, and Custom Neon Sign Services, all of which source their products and their materials from China.

Their stocks are also limited, that’s why you need to consider working with ANPU Lighting if you want unlimited styles and designs for your Los Angeles business.

An image of a custom Los Angeles neon sign(Glass Neon Signs)

Levi's Custom Neon Sign Logo.jpg

Neon Sign Custom Logo

ANPU Lighting has been one of the few trusted custom neon sign manufacturers in China trusted by these big brands. If they trust us, what’s stopping you from trusting us? 

Levi’s custom neon sign LED

Adidas Custom Brand Neon Sign.jpg

In case you’re interested to get custom neon signs for big brands and companies like Nike, Levi’s Louis Vuitton, and others, ANPU never failed them, then definitely, we will never fail you!

LV Neon Sign Logo.png

Custom Adidas neon sign logo

Custom Louis Vuitton (LV) neon sign logo

Neon Sign Custom Online.png

Neon Sign Custom Online

You may find neon signs custom to your needs online by going to Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, and others!

For the best quality custom neon signs, though, you can go with ANPU Lighting’s Aliexpress page, as well as Anpu Lighting’s Alibaba shop.

eBay custom neon sign products

Neon Sign Custom Australia.jpg

Neon Sign Custom Australia

In Australia, you have multiple options in finding custom neon sign stores and retail outlets. But among the most sought-after ones include Neon Décor Nation, Neon Puddle, Sketch and Engrave, LittleApple, and many more!

But, if you want high quality neon signs, purchase your orders and your products from ANPU Lighting for the best results!  

A custom Australian map neon sign

Neon Sign Manufacturers Near Me

Just like finding a neon sign store near your location, you can find a multitude of neon sign manufacturers locally, but their offers would be limited.

So if you want to work with the top neon sign manufacturers, go with a Chinese custom neon sign supplier like here with us at ANPU Lighting for cheaper and more affordable rates and prices.

Apart from that, we can also deliver the neon lights you need in the fastest and the most urgent times!


Neon Sign Manufacturers in U.K.

Not all neon sign stores and shops in the U.K. get their products from local manufacturers. Instead, the vast majority of those neon sign stores and shops rely on Chinese neon sign manufacturers get it from Chinese manufacturing companies like here at ANPU.

We here at ANPU can produce and offer custom neon signs specific to your business needs.

Product of a U.K.-based neon sign manufacturer


Neon Sign Manufacturers China

Most of the neon sign manufacturers from all across the globe source their materials from Chinese factories.

Moreover, there are some stores and shops that also source already finished custom products from neon sign manufacturers in China, like here with us at ANPU Lighting.  

Product of a U.K.-based neon sign manufacturer


Products made by various USA neon sign custom suppliers

Neon Sign Manufacturers in USA

If you think that the market for custom neon signs in the USA is the biggest, think again. While most people think that USA neon sign manufacturers are who’s topping the industry, they actually just get their materials and finished products from Chinese neon sign manufacturers and suppliers, too.


Should you decide to purchase it in bulk or in wholesale for a better price, you’ll even get better and much more competitive pricing if you purchase from a Chinese custom neon sign manufacturer like ANPU.

We can offer better rates and prices, plus a more flexible array of styles, designs, and colors, too!

Wholesale Custom Neon Signs

You can purchase custom neon signs in bulk or in wholesale from various countries like India, China, USA, UK, Australia, and others.

But, you will get the most value out of your money if you choose to work with a Chinese wholesale custom neon sign supplier – more specifically, here with us at ANPU.