Custom Neon Sign


Custom Neon Signs in Canada

Canada is home to a lot of retail stores of custom neon signs.

Custom Neon Signs in Canada.jpg

An image of a custom neon sign that is Canadian

Those that top the list include High Neon, Best Custom Neon, and Neonify. For their production, they get their materials and their sources from none other than China!

This makes custom neon signs in Canada too expensive and too pricey! So, if you want to get it for a cheap price, ANPU-Lighting is the perfect choice for you! We’re capable of providing custom neon signs that are specific to what you need!

Custom Neon Signs in Hong Kong


When it comes to the wideness and the diversification of neon signs, Hong Kong comes next after China.

Custom Neon Signs in Hong Kong.jpg

Some of Hong Kong’s most iconic neon sign lights

The primary drawback in purchasing custom neon signs in Hong Kong is that they charge expensively and costly, just like custom neon signs in Canada and in other western countries.

Even if they source their raw materials from China, they charge high due to the fact that they’re known in the industry as one of the lucrative places in the world.

With ANPU-Lighting, you can get the same quality of custom neon signs that you can get in Hong Kong but all for a cheaper, more affordable, and more competitive rate!


Custom Neon Signs Amazon

Custom Neon Signs Amazon.png

Some of the top-rated and popular custom neon signs on Amazon


Amazon has been the world’s most-sought after e-commerce websites because of their openness. You can purchase anything from a single hairpin, to the most complex and most comprehensive of spare parts for cars and automotive, tools, gadgets, and the like.

Yes, you can purchase custom neon signs in Amazon, too! In fact, the top neon signs you can purchase in Amazon include:

  1. Let’s Get Weird Neon Sign

  2. Let’s Party Custom Neon Sign

  3. The Richards Neon Sign

  4. Coors Light Neon Sign

  5. Girls Girls Girls Traditional Neon Sign

  6. Neon Sign Sun Neon Light

  7. Neon Heart Light Neon Signs

  8. Lady Back LED Neon Sign

  9. Do What You Love Real Glass Handmade

  10. 3 Pack Star Moon Planet

Custom Neon Signs in the U.K.

Custom Neon Signs in U.K..jpg

Some of the top-selling U.K. custom neon signs


The United Kingdom (U.K.) is the country that comes next after U.S.A. for the high demand of neon signs.


Due to this, various custom neon sign stores have emerged and those that are in the country’s market include neon express, neonsignart, and neonsigncreations.


All these companies take and get all their raw materials and products from Chinese neon sign manufacturers.

And if you need custom neon signs but they’re not able to give you what you need, feel free to work with ANPU-Lighting to get affordable and competitive custom neon signs in the U.K.

Custom Neon Signs in India

Custom Neon Signs in India.jpg

Custom neon sign of the Indian flag

If you’re in India, no matter what city or municipality you are in, you can also get custom neon signs! You can purchase these from YourNeonPrint, AboveNeno, and Andheri Neon with no problems!

But just like other countries and other regions, they also get their products from China. So, to cut costs and to shave off a few hundred dollars, work with ANPU Lighting. You can get it for more than half the price!

Custom Neon Signs Etsy

Custom Neon Signs Etsy.png

Some of Etsy’s top-selling and trending custom neon signs


Etsy is the American company that you can run to if you need crafts, supplies, and household items in the most fashionable way! That means, you can get custom neon signs from Etsy, too. But, the only problem is that your choices are limited since most handcrafted things there are already pre-made.

Most of the suppliers there get their materials from none other than China. So, you might as well work directly with a custom neon sign supplier in China for better, more accurate, and higher quality custom neon signs.


Custom Neon Signs Near Me

Custom Neon Signs Near Me.jpg

You’ll find most of the custom neon sign stores in major cities

The most famous custom neon sign stores would be located in the big cities.

If you reside in a smaller and much more secluded city, municipality, or province, you can find small shops that offer custom neon signs.

A couple of problems may arise if you get products from a local custom neon sign shop – and them having limited materials is one of them.

With ANPU Lighting, it doesn’t matter where you are! If you need custom neon signs and if you want it to be 100% exactly the same was what you want, we can get it for you!


Custom Neon Signs Color Changing

Custom Neon Signs Color Changing.gif

Color changing neon signs you can customize the style and design

If you’re interested in seeing a myriad of different hues and shades, you can purchase custom neon signs color changing, too!

It’s interesting especially if you get the color changing ones that are exactly fit to what you’ll be using them for.


Custom Neon Signs Toronto

Custom Neon Signs Toronto.jpg

An image of a Toronto custom neon sign

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and finding custom neon signs there should never be a problem.

The diversity of the city is what’s responsible for the migration of a lot of races, including Chinese people there. So, more than 80% – if not all retail stores and outlets that sell custom neon signs in Toronto get their supplies from Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

Neon Sign Custom Los Angeles

Neon Sign Custom Los Angeles.jpg

An image of a custom Los Angeles neon sign


Should your business be located in the fast-paced city of Los Angeles, you’ll never have any problems getting custom neon signs, too! In fact, the city is housed by some of the best ones in the country, some of which include Duarte Neon, Best Buy Neon Signs, and Custom Neon Sign Services, all of which source out their products and their materials from China.

Their stocks are also limited, that’s why you need to consider working with ANPU Lighting if you want unlimited styles and designs for your Los Angeles business.


Neon Sign Custom Logo

Levi's Custom Neon Sign Logo.jpg

Levi’s custom neon sign LED

ANPU Lighting has been one of the few trusted custom neon sign manufacturers in China trusted by these big brands. If they trust us, what’s stopping you from trusting us? 

Adidas Custom Brand Neon Sign.jpg

Custom Adidas neon sign logo

In case you’re interested to get custom neon signs for big brands and companies like Nike, Levi’s Louis Vuitton, and others, ANPU never failed them, then definitely, we will never fail you!

LV Neon Sign Logo.png

Custom Louis Vuitton (LV) neon sign logo


Neon Sign Custom Online

Neon Sign Custom Online.png

eBay custom neon sign products

You may find neon signs custom to your needs online by going to Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, and others!

For the best quality custom neon signs, though, you can go with ANPU Lighting’s Aliexpress page, as well as Anpu Lighting’s Alibaba shop.

Neon Sign Custom Australia

Neon Sign Custom Australia.jpg

A custom Australian map neon sign

In Australia, you have multiple options in finding custom neon sign stores and retail outlets. But among the most sought-after ones include Neon Décor Nation, Neon Puddle, Sketch and Engrave, LittleApple, and many more!

But, if you want high quality neon signs, purchase your orders and your products from ANPU Lighting for the best results!  


Neon Sign Manufacturers Near Me

Just like finding a neon sign store near your location, you can find a multitude of neon sign manufacturers locally, but their offers would be limited.

So if you want to work with the top neon sign manufacturers, go with a Chinese custom neon sign supplier like here with us at ANPU Lighting for cheaper and more affordable rates and prices.

Apart from that, we can also deliver the neon lights you need in the fastest and the most urgent times!

Neon Sign Manufacturers in U.K.


Product of a U.K.-based neon sign manufacturer

Not all neon sign stores and shops in the U.K. get their products from local manufacturers. Instead, the vast majority of those neon sign stores and shops rely on Chinese neon sign manufacturers get it from Chinese manufacturing companies like here at ANPU.

We here at ANPU can produce and offer custom neon signs specific to your business needs.

Neon Sign Manufacturers China


Product of a U.K.-based neon sign manufacturer

Most of the neon sign manufacturers from all across the globe source their materials from Chinese factories.

Moreover, there are some stores and shops that also source already finished custom products from neon sign manufacturers in China, like here with us at ANPU Lighting.  

Neon Sign Manufacturers in USA


Products made by various USA neon sign custom suppliers

If you think that the market for custom neon signs in the USA is the biggest, think again. While most people think that USA neon sign manufacturers are who’s topping the industry, they actually just get their materials and finished products from Chinese neon sign manufacturers and suppliers, too.

Should you decide to purchase it in bulk or in wholesale for a better price, you’ll even get better and much more competitive pricing if you purchase from a Chinese custom neon sign manufacturer like ANPU.

We can offer better rates and prices, plus a more flexible array of styles, designs, and colors, too!


Wholesale Custom Neon Signs

You can purchase custom neon signs in bulk or in wholesale from various countries like India, China, USA, UK, Australia, and others.

But, you will get the most value out of your money if you choose to work with a Chinese wholesale custom neon sign supplier – more specifically, here with us at ANPU.


Amazon Neon Bar Signs

Since the primary market for neon signs include the lifestyle industry, you’ll find a lot of neon signs in Amazon that have bar signs and designs.

The most common neon bar signs include the following:


Cheers Neon Sign


Paradise Neon Sign


Miller Lite

Amazon Neon Beer Signs

Also connected to the bar styles and designs, you can also purchase different types, kinds, and styles of beer in neon signs.

ANPU Lighting can be your neon beer sign provider, given that we’re equipped with the right set of skill and people!

You can purchase neon beer signs from Amazon and the most popular styles are:


Beer Neon Sign


Craft Beer Neon Sign


Rainer Beer Neon Sign

Amazon Neon Open Sign

You’ll traditionally see neon open signs in pawnshops, jewelry shops, as well as nightclubs. In today’s market, though, a lot of businesses are using the neon open sign for a wide array of businesses as well.

Amazon Classic Neon Open SIgn.jpg

Classic open sign you can purchase from Amazon

Should you want to find a wide variety of neon open signs, you can purchase them from Amazon.

Amazon Love Neon Sign

Among the most common and the most purchased neon sign style and design is anything that is in particular to love.

You can purchase love neon signs that are heart shapes, the love word, heart strings, and the like.

The top Amazon love neon sign designs and styles that you can buy include:

Love Word.jpg

Love Word Neon Sign

Heart Neon Sign.jpg

Heart Neon Sign  

Love With Lips Neon Sign.jpg

Love With Lips Neon Sign


How to Make Neon Light Signs

How to Make Neon Light Signs.jpg

Crafting neon sign lights

In the event that you find yourself in need of learning on how to make neon signs, here’s a simple and quick process on how you can do it.

  1. Start the process by drawing the neon sign idea you have. It’ll be helpful if you have a big sheet of paper so you can do many designs and ideas.

  2. Then, the next step in creating your neon sign custom is to trace it using a piece of string. Don’t use the metal wire immediately because you might need to make adjustments, use a regular string.

  3. When you’re final with the length of the string, place the metal wire on top of the string and cut the same length.

  4. Now, what you have to do is to bend the wire to match the string or the drawing that you have.

  5. This is the step where you need to spend the most time in. Make sure that the metal wire is about 98% accurate or precise to the drawing.

  6. When that’s all final, the next thing you want to do is to attach the EL wire to the metal wire using a glue gun loaded with a glue stick.

  7. Carefully glue the EL wire to the metal wire with the aid of the sketch as well as the strings that you have cut in ste

How to Make Neon Signs With LED

How to Make Neon Signs With LED.jpg

Image from a clip of how to create DIY LED neon signs

The process of making or creating neon LED lights does not stray far from how you make or produce conventional and traditional neon lights.

Part of the few differences involved in the process would just be the additions of LED neon flex lights, as well as the usage of a base or substrate.

Your base or substrate could be drywall, PVC or expanded PVC, wood, and other platforms you can use. Here’s a quick summary of how you can make and create LED neon signs:

  1. Design the LED neon sign you will make by sketching it on the substrate.

  2. Proceed to make the outline of the LED neon sign by using a thread for it.

  3. Then, cut out a portion of the LED neon flex lights that you have and place it on the sketch.

  4. Should there be points where the flex lights are to be connected, drill holes through it.

  5. After that, solder the wire conductors on each of the LED neon flex lights.

  6. Lock in or seal the connection to the rear part of your platform or substrate, then thread it out to the next shape, letter, or design in the substrate.

  7. Glue them altogether so that they all remain in place.

  8. Plug your newly made and built neon LED sign and enjoy!

How to Make Neon Green Paint Neon Lights

Neon Green Paint Neon Lights.jpg

A neon green color cactus of LED neon light

Not a lot of custom neon sign suppliers and manufacturers are successful in getting neon green lights for their design. So, in case you’re having trouble getting a manufacturer capable of doing this, work with ANPU Lighting and get it in the fastest and easiest ways possible!

How to Make Neon Pink Paint Neon Lights

Neon Pink Neon Sign.jpg

Image of a neon pink-colored neon sign light

Akin to neon green paint neon lights, you can also refer to us here at ANPU if you’re looking for a shade of neon pink to be added to your final design of neon lights.

We’re so flexible and diverse, that you can expect us to create whatever color, hue, or shade you want to see on the final output!

Wholesale LED Neon Lights.jpg

Wholesale LED Neon Signs

A manufacturer of wholesale LED neon signs

In comparison to the traditional and the conventional LED signs that we know, LED neon signs usually are made out of PVC, which makes them more versatile and flexible.

Furthermore, you can purchase LED neon signs wholesale in the countries where you can purchase traditional neon signs, and some of the most common countries you can purchase it from would be in China, India, Australia, U.S.A., U.K., Vietnam, Thailand, and many more!

You will find the best and the highest quality of LED neon signs wholesale if you purchase it from us here at ANPU Lighting.


Neon Sign Supplies

Neon Sign Supplies.jpg

An image of some of the components to create DIY neon sign lights

Neon sign stores, shops, and even manufacturers and suppliers from around the world gather and get neon sign supplies from China.

Because of the fair and decent price that Chinese neon sign suppliers give, they’ve become the country considered to be the best if you’re looking for neon sign supplies.

Neon Sign Supplies

China has been home to some of the most talented, the most experienced, and the best pre-made and custom neon sign suppliers in the country.

Our country’s custom neon sign manufacturing services are so widespread to the extent that other countries come to us for all the custom neon signs they need!  

Neon Sign Suppliers UK

Neon Sign Suppliers UK .jpg

Some of the products of a UK neon sign supplier

If you are in the U.K., you might just be out of luck. Your options of finding neon sign suppliers in the U.K. are limited; there’s scarcity in U.K. neon sign suppliers.

Due to that, the supplies and the materials they use are also limited as most of them just get it from China.

So, why not just get neon signs directly from a Chinese neon sign supplier like us here at ANPU Lighting?


Neon Sign Supplier in Lahore

Neon Sign Supplier in Lahore.jpg

An image of a product of a neon sign supplier in Lahore

The Lahore district is one of the more popular and most famous districts in the Majha region in the province of Pakistan. It has a GDP of about $84 billion, which translates to the fact that there are flourishing businesses in the region.

You can find a ton of neon sign suppliers in Lahore, some of the most famous include Light it up, Khalil Neon Signs, Alnore Neon Sign, Evershine Neon Sign, and many more!

The only problem in working with neon sign suppliers in Lahore is the fact that you might not get the exact type of results or outputs you’re looking for because their materials and their sources would be limited and they just get it from China.


Neon Sign Supplies in Trinidad

Neon Sign Supplies in Trinida.jpg

Some of the creations or outputs of neon sign suppliers in Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the more blissful and flourishing countries in the southern Caribbean islands.

Some of the top neon sign manufacturers and suppliers in Trinidad are SIGN Post, SIGNS XCETRA, SIGNOGRAPHICS, TRINIDAD SIGNS & BANNERS, and NEON SIGNS & SERVICES LTD.

And where do these companies get their supplies? They get it from ANPU Lighting!

Neon Sign Supplies in Trinidad

Neon Sign Wholesale Suppliers.jpg

Variety of products that wholesale neon sign manufacturers produce

Find a bunch of neon sign wholesale suppliers in China and Hong Kong, capable of producing a wide array of neon signs that are specific to the ones you’re looking for!

Here at ANPU Lighting, you will never experience a shortage of the pre-made and custom neon signs you want. We’re able to offer anything from the usual and the traditional neon signs, to custom logo and brand neon sign displays you want!

Neon Sign Supplies in Trinidad

Neon Sign Making Supplies.jpg

The supplies you need to be able to create your own neon sign light

You’ll be able to find all of these in your local WalMart or any other convenience store. But, you can get the best and the highest quality of these supplies with us here at ANPU!

In making neon signs at home or doing DIY neon signs, you would need a couple of materials and supplies. These would include: Option of LED neon flex lights or neon glass tubes and neon glass, metal wire, big sketch or drawing paper, pencil, glue gun and glue stick, pliers and wire cutters, string.

We’re not only a top-class and top-rated custom neon sign manufacturer. You can also consider us to be your go-to choice for neon sign making supplies!

Neon Sign Quotes

Neon sign quotes are neon signs that spell out different quotes, phrases, and expressions.

Some of the most common neon sign quotes that are sold and purchased in the market include:

Drunkin’ Grownups LED Neon Sign.jpg

Drunkin’ Grownups LED Neon Sign – $59.99

Do What You Love Neon Sign.png

Do What You Love Neon Sign – $49.99

Good Vibes Only Custom Quote Neon Sign .

Good Vibes Only Neon Sign – $74.99

Don’t Quit Your Daydream Neon Sign.jpg

Don’t Quit Your Daydream Neon Sign – $65.98

No Guts No Glory Neon Sign.jpg

No Guts No Glory Neon Sign – $78.99

Believe In Yourself Neon Sign.jpg

Believe In Yourself Neon Sign – $59.99

Take note, these aren’t all the neon sign quotes available, they’re just the most common, the most purchased, and the most sought-after by many different businesses and companies that look for neon sign lights.


Neon Sign Quote Art

ANPU Lighting is China’s top company in producing neon sign art quotes. Through the careful and thorough streamlining of our processes, we were able to give our clients the quality that they wanted and needed!

Whether you need a custom neon sign quote art, a copy from a specific existing neon sign quote art, or if you’re trying to get ideas for it, ANPU Lighting will be your best bet!

Neon Sign Quotes Ideas

Do you have neon sign quote ideas in mind you want to envision? Are you trying to come up with neon sign quotes and expressions that would give detail to your business?

Work with us here at ANPU Lighting and we will bring your neon sign quote ideas to life! The best part about that, is we can create it fully customized depending on what color you want it to be, how big it is, or even if it’s color-changing.

Neon Sign Quotes Tumblr

Along with all the other sources you have for neon sign quotes and ideas, Tumblr is one of the best websites you can use and consider.

Some of the top neon sign quotes you’ll see from Tumblr include:

Anti Social Social Club Neon Sign.jpg

Anti Social Social Club Neon Sign – $357.00

After Hours Neon Sign.jpg

After Hours Neon Sign – $213.00

Let’s Stay Home Neon Sign.jpg

Let’s Stay Home Neon Sign – $184.99

Uh Huh Honey Neon Sign.jpg

Uh Huh Honey Neon Sign – $510.99

Screw It, Let’s Do It Neon Sign.jpg

Screw It, Let’s Do It Neon Sign – $59.98

If you want the best rates and prices for these, work with us here at ANPU Lighting and you’ll definitely come back for more!

Not only will you be able to get the exact style and design for these neon signs, we can give it to you for the most affordable and the most competitive rates!

Neon Sign Quotes For Sale

With ANPU Lighting, you can purchase a ton of neon sign quotes for sale that are all brand new!

If you’re trying to get your hands on pre-owned or 2nd hand, though, some of the best, the most sought-after, and the most looked at would be Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and many more!

Here are some of the most popular neon sign quotes for sale in the market.

Good Vibes Only Custom Quote Neon Sign .

Screw It, Let’s Do It Neon Sign – $59.98

The World Is Yours Neon Sign.png

Screw It, Let’s Do It Neon Sign – $59.98

This is the Best Part Neon Sign– $82.45

This is the Best Part Neon Sign– $82.45

Happily Ever After Neon Sign – $85.00 .j

Happily Ever After Neon Sign – $85.0

ANPU Lighting will definitely be the cheapest, the most affordable, and the most competitive you will find in the market!

Neon Sign Quotes For Sale

Neon Sign Quotes Pinterest .png

The top neon sign custom quotes on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the many sources where you can get the best neon sign quote ideas that you want produced.

It is also the perfect platform if you are looking for ideas for your neon sign.

Here’s a quick peek of the most trending and the most-searched neon sign designs and displays from Pinterest.

If you try looking for them in the market, you’ll see that they’ll be in the range of $110 to $500, depending on the size, dimensions, and the complexity of the style.

With ANPU, you can get all of those for more than 80% of the price taken off! ANPU Lighting can be your go-to solution if you’re looking to mass produce custom neon sign quote ideas that you have!

We’ll turn all of your ideas into reality! 


Cheap Neon Signs Custom

Cheap Neon Signs Custom.jpg

Cheap neon signs you can customize to your needs

You need to expect that if you choose cheap neon signs, the quality might not be as what you expect, especially if you purchase it from a manufacturer that’s not Chinese.

The reason for this is because they price it cheaply because they used materials that are only for short-term applications.

Another note that’s important to consider is the fact that indoor neon signs are more fragile compared to neon signs you can use outdoors. Why? – This is because outdoor neon signs would need to have enclosures and waterproof capabilities to protect them from any external agent that can damage them.

But that is not the case with ANPU Lighting because we are the company who makes and produces the materials we use!

Neon Sign Cheap

Neon signs that are cheap are often brittle and fragile, or they could be disposable. These disposable neon signs would often allow you to use them for a short while, then they’ll die out after – and this is the reason why they’re so cheap!

And in case you’re worried about quality while securing the best and the most competitive rates, work with us here at ANPU Lighting!

Neon Sign Ideas

Neon Sign Ideas .png

Some of the most trending neon sign ideas today

Whatever type of neon sign idea you may have, you can turn it into reality if you trust and work with the right neon sign supplier or manufacturer.

If you give us here at ANPU Lighting a go, we can give you the full guarantee that we’ll make your ideas come to life! Whatever color, shape, or size your neon sign ideas are, we will do what we can to make it happen!


Neon Sign Ideas For Living Room

If in case you plan to add up a touch of neon lighting to your living room, there are several home neon sign ideas and designs you can look up to and consider. No matter how complex you think they might be, you can be certain that our engineers and experts here at ANPU Lighting can design it!

Some of the best home neon sign ideas for your living room would include:

STAYcation Neon Signs.jpg

STAYcation Neon Signs

Good Vibes Only Neon Sign 2.jpg

Good Vibes Only Neon Signeon Signs

Home Neon Signs.jpg

Home Neon Signs

Wherever you or your business is located, you can completely place your full trust in us here at ANPU Lighting for the custom neon lights you need!

We can produce neon sign lights for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere you might want to see it!

Neon Sign Ideas For Living Room

ANPU Lighting can be your primary choice for the neon light signs in your room. The best designs would be those that are relaxing and are appealing to the eyes to help you be adrift.

You’ll easily be able to see the collection of neon light signs for room by searching it online! But, we already helped you with it – in fact, among those would be:


Moon and Clouds Neon Signs

Sweet Dreams Neon Sign.jpg

Sweet Dreams Neon Signs

To the Moon Neon Sign.jpg

To the Moon Neon Sign

You can have us make or create other types of custom neon signs perfect for your room!

Neon Sign Ideas For Wedding

Neon Sign Ideas For Wedding.jpg

Crazy in Love neon sign – trending neon designs for weddings

Do you want to add a touch of contemporary display to your wedding? ANPU Lighting can absolutely be there for you!

Our works are so flexible and versatile that you can add them wherever you want to on your wedding day! You can purchase continuous LED neon signs, neon sign quotes and phrases, and many more!

We have been known to be the best neon sign manufacturer and supplier for whatever wedding-style design you need.


DIY Neon Sign Ideas

If ever you stumble upon DIY neon sign ideas that captured your taste, you can have us here at ANPU Lighting to professionally create it for you!

Choose between using it for indoor or for outdoor applications, as well as the colors, sizes, and the dimensions you want for it!


Neon Sign DIY

Are you interested to create your own neon sign designs and ideas? Do you want to try out DIY neon signs but you’re not sure where you can get supplies for it?

Many retail stores and outlets in your country reach out to us here at ANPU Lighting for the neon sign making supplies they need – and from there, you can trust and rely on us, too!

Neon Sign DIY Kit

Neon Sign DIY Kit.jpg

Neon LED flex lights, some of the components of a neon sign DIY kit

ANPU Lighting can provide a complete neon sign DIY kit that you can use so you can create your own neon signs!

Unlike other companies and manufacturers, we here at ANPU Lighting are able to deliver the best, the most comprehensive, and the most complete kits you will ever need!

Neon Sign DIY LED

We have different sets and types of DIY neon sign kits. We even have neon sign DIY LED kits you can take advantage of so you can create your own!

Purchase from us and specify all the materials you want to see in the kit and we’ll make sure to give it to you!

Neon Sign Dimensions

Neon Sign Dimensions.jpg

A guide on how to compute for your custom neon sign dimensions

The dimensions of your neon signs will determine how much you’ll need to pay for it.

So, in determining the neon sign dimensions perfect for your application, you have to consider where to put it. Oftentimes, the dimensions of the neon sign would be between 25 to 125 cm in length, and about 45 to 75 cm in height.

With ANPU Lighting, you wouldn’t have to stress or worry about receiving the sizes and the dimensions wrong. We’ll give it to you long before we’ll create it so we have a final figure on how big and wide it’ll be.


Neon Sign Factory


You can consider ANPU Lighting to be your custom neon sign factory

Most of the buyers, especially businesses and companies want to have direct contact with neon sign factories in order for them to get the lowest costs possible.

Moreover, they do this because they’re looking to build multiple relationships with various suppliers!

To be able to get to the best neon sign factories, you can visit Alibaba, Made In China, Neon Factory and ANPU Lighting.

We here at ANPU Lighting are a manufacturer that has a neon sign factory dedicated to the production of lighting and different types of fixtures, so you can be confident that all our outputs would be of a high quality!


Dropshipping Custom Neon Sign Ideas

Do you have a dropshipping business and you’re interested to include custom neon signs to your arsenal of products? Are you interested to tackle this industry but you’re not sure where you can start?

Work with ANPU Lighting and never worry about dropshipping! ANPU Lighting will be the ones to provide all the actions of delivering! We even offer dropshipping of custom neon signs so fret not!


How to Ship Neon Signs From China?

If ever you’re interested to re-merchandise custom neon signs, importing from China is easy and simple to understand.

You just need to have all the requirements and documents for it. Of course, you need the money to be able to order it from a custom neon sign manufacturer!

ANPU Lighting is the custom neon sign supplier you can trust as you wouldn’t have to stress or worry about it anymore! We’ll not only help and assist you with all the requirements, we will also be the one to initiate all the checking and assessing of the custom neon signs that will go overseas!


Custom Neon Lights Dropshipping

Whether you’re dropshipping rainbow neon lights, modern neon signs, or any other custom neon signs you’re looking at, ANPU Lighting will be the best!

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Our experience in the production or manufacturing of custom neon lights beat all other companies

  • We are equipped with cutting-edge machines and equipment, as well as the most talented and skilled experts

  • We are in partnerships with some of China’s biggest couriers and freight service companies

  • All our products and services possess the most relevant and significant licenses and certifications

Wholesale Neon Signs

Purchasing wholesale neon signs will definitely get you the most out of your buck!

Apart from receiving the best and the lowest rates for it, you also have the chance to build rapport with the industry’s top suppliers and manufacturers, too!

And when it comes to purchasing neon signs wholesale, no other better option will be there except for us here at ANPU Lighting! We’ll work with you to get to the budget that you have without compromising the quality of the products!

Wholesale Custom Neon Sign Maker

If you ever find yourself in need of a wholesale custom neon sign maker, you can never go wrong in choosing us here at ANPU Lighting.

Our experience in wholesaling is one of the reasons why we remain at the top of the industry’s ladder.

  • We can produce thousands of custom neon signs per week

  • We’ll be able to deliver it ahead of time

  • ANPU Lighting’s lead time will never exceed one (1) month

  • We’re employed with the industry’s top and most skilled experts

Wholesale Neon Beer Signs

Whether you need wholesale neon beer signs for your bar or restaurant, or if you’re looking for dropshipping opportunities, ANPU Lighting will be your best bet.

Custom neon beer signs are just few of the many styles and designs we’re able to produce and manufacture – and you will never regret your option of choosing us!