Decorative Lighting Ideas

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Decorative Lighting Ideas – The Complete FAQ Guide

This guide will help you to easily source the best decorative lighting products and accessories from China.

It covers everything you should know from the leading manufacturers of decorative lighting, cost of shipment out of China to your preferred destination anywhere in the world.

Before you go sourcing decorative lights and related accessories from China, read this detailed decorative lighting ideas FAQs guide to its completion.

Decorative Lighting, What Exactly Is It?

Decorative lighting is any lighting that is used whether at home in commercial establishments to add aesthetic appeal as well as functional lighting.


Fig 1 Example of decorative lights


Decorative lights come in various types, although some are usually more functional than others.


How Can I Import Decorative Lighting From China For My Business?

China is the largest exporter of lighting products including decorative lights and this makes it the perfect choice for any business in the lighting supplies industry to source bulk decorative lights from.

One of the largest suppliers of decorative lighting and related products in China is the Ningbo ANPU Lighting Company.

You can get in touch with this company directly to supply you with bulk decorative lighting for your wholesale, project, or decorative lighting distribution business.


Is The ANPU Lighting Company One OF the Leading Manufacturers of the Various Decorative Light Products in China?

Ningbo ANPU Lighting Company Limited was established in 2010. Since then, it has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality decorative lights in China.

In fact, there is no other company in China that excels in the manufacture and supply of some of the best quality decorative light products.

The Ningbo ANPU Lighting Company supplies quality decorative lights products to some of the leading businesses in the US.


What Are The Various Types Of Decorative Lighting Products Supplied by The ANPU Lighting Company?

The company boasts of a wide range of decorative lighting designs including:

  • LED strings

  • Motif lighting

  • LED tree

  • LED strip

  • LED neon

  • LED wearings

  • LED rope

  • Smart LED light

  • Regular LED light

  • Low volt LED light

Get in contact with the company to find out more about these various types of decorative lighting that you can source for your business.


Which Companies in China Sell the Best LED Lighting Products That Are Suitable for Outdoor Use?

China is known for the manufacture of quality LED lighting products thanks to the technological advancements in the country.

There are several companies in the country selling bulk LED lighting products in a B2B setting.

Ningbo ANPU Lighting Company is among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of some of the best quality LED lighting products customized for outdoor use.

Get in touch with them today for a quote.


Does The ANPU Lighting Company Supply Bulk Quality Chinese Made Festival Decorative Lighting For Wholesalers?

Yes, the company specializes in the supply of bulk festival decorative lighting for wholesalers that make bulk orders from them.

You can find out more about their quality decorative lights by visiting this page.


How Long Does It Take to Get Your Decorative Light Products and Accessories Delivered to Your Location From the ANPU Lighting Company in China?

Well, this is dependent on the kind of shipping method you choose to use whether by air cargo or by sea.

If it is by air, your shipment will be able to reach you sooner than if it was by sea freight.


Are There Flexible LED Strip Light 12V Available For Various Festival Occasions Decoration?

Of course yes. The ANPU Lighting Company offers unique flexible LED strip light 12V designed and customized for various festival occasions.

Find out more about the different types of 12V strip lights for festivals by visiting the All Products Page.


Does ANPU Lighting Company Supply Quality Waterproof Decorative Lighting for Outdoor Use?


The company supplies quality waterproof decorative lighting for outdoor use as well.


Are There Reliable Suppliers Of Dimmable LED Outdoor String Decorative Lamps From China?


The Ningbo ANPU Lighting Company is a Chinese manufacturer of high-quality dimmable LED outdoor string decorative lights.

Visit the company’s all products page to find out more about the various options available for dimmable LED outdoor string decorative lights.


Is There Direct Shipping Available For The Companies That Import Decorative Lighting Products From The ANPU Lighting Company in China?


Many companies have imported their quality decorative lighting products from the ANPU Lighting Company in China.

There are various shipping options available for you if you wish to import from the company including direct shipping

Is There Taxation For Businesses That Export Decorative Lighting Products From China?

China being the largest exporter of goods worldwide has got a friendly taxation policy on exports. Only a few products and semi-finished products are usually subject to export duties.


As of January 2020, the country continues to impose tariffs on certain goods exported from it. These goods include up to 107 commodities which are subject to fixed and unchanged tax rates.