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36*36*30cm  50m/Roll 30m/Roll



Unique semi-transparent green PVC as substrate, ultra-light LED as LED Vector. It is with a very soft PCB board as a light source substrate and professional circuit connection means so realize Triple continue ultra-high brightness LED monochrome flexible neon effect based on combination any one color LED. It is more stable, reliable, and safe than the traditional glass neon lights, LED rainbow tubes, and LED Dura-light. So can easily take place a variety of neon lights currently on the market.



This product is widely used indoor and outdoor:

  • advertising signs,

  • building outlines,

  • urban lighting,

  • decorative lighting,

  • hotels,

  • department stores

  • public places of entertainment.


Main Features:

  • Flexible

  • IP67 Rating

  • Energy saving

  • Easy to transport

  • Low heat & safety

  • Power & Lumination

  • Long life and durability

  • Lifespan > 80000 hours

  • Anti-UA & Fire resistant

  • Linear and continuous light effect

  • Different colors for your option: Red, blue, yellow, green, orange, white, warm white, pink and purple.


Neon Sign ­– The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Finding the best neon sign manufacturer can be a headache. Because the market is swamped with suppliers, you’ll find it difficult to see the differences between each of them.

In this guide, you’ll be learning where to find the best neon sign manufacturers in the market. We will be walking you through the steps on how you can land a deal with a neon sign manufacturing company that can work with you through thick and thin.

But before we get into that, let’s first have a look at what neon signs are.

What is a Neon Sign?

It’s a display of lights often used in the signage industry for easy and attractive vision.

Examples of what a neon sign looks like

They’re usually made out of luminous tube lights that have neon or other gases; these are electrified to give off the glow and the color you need.

Before neon signs, there were Geissler tubes. These are sealed tubes that have rarefied gas that when a specific voltage is applied, will discharge a glow.

Geissler tubes became popular in the 19th century – specifically in 1855. It was up for experimentation on how it can be improved to benefit society.

In 1900, many types of discharge lamps have been patented. These discharge lamps evolved to the neon signs we know of today in 1923 when Georges Claude introduced neon signs to the U.S.

He sold two (2) sets of neon gas signs to a Los Angeles Packard car dealership.

Quickly, it became popular for the night and outdoor advertising, and easily got the name “liquid fire.”

Since then, Georges Claude and his French company saw the trend; many other aspiring companies followed, giving birth to the manufacturing of neon signs for business advertising and marketing.

One of the first few – and still-standing neon sign manufacturers today is Bartush Signs.

Why Do You Need Neon Signage For Your Business?

Businesses that have a physical approach would benefit a lot from neon signs.

Neon signs add a whole new level of aesthetic to your business

Usually dubbed as “brick and mortar businesses,” shops and other types of physical businesses like motorcycle hotels, restaurants, diners, car dealerships, and other businesses find neon signs as an effective mode of advertising their business.

Some of the most notable and most common reasons why they pursue neon signage include.

Daytime and Nighttime Functionality

Neon signs are especially helpful and beneficial for businesses because they’re visible in both daytime and nighttime.

You wouldn’t have problems distinguishing the signs even if it’s the darkest of nights.

High Visibility

The benefit that comes next is that neon lights are highly visible. Because of their luminosity, they’ll easily be able to add attraction to your business.

You can’t beat Science – people are attracted to luminous, bright, and attention-catching lights.

If you’re thinking that these bright lights have high consumption, think again!

Neon lights and signs utilize half of what modern lights and signages use for electricity. In addition to that, installing neon signs and lights isn’t that difficult and challenging to install.

Long Lifespans

Neon lights and signages would last longer than how you’d expect – especially if they’re correctly installed.

The maintenance they have is also low compared to their counterparts.

Highly and Easily Customizable

Whatever business you have, neon signs will be beneficial.

It’s used by bars, restaurants, diners, motorcycle hotels, boutiques, shops, and many more businesses!

The Best Neon Sign Manufacturers

Ever since the start of the manufacturing age of neon lights and signages, a lot of countries tried their part.

ANPU Lighting is one of the best neon sign manufacturing companies in China

Many companies emerged from various parts of the globe – but the best ones remained in China.

Chinese Neon Sign Manufacturers

Chinese neon sign suppliers are considered the best and the most sought-after in the market.

The fair and economical prices and rates they have to go beyond the usual rates that traditional western manufacturers offer.

Some of the most notable Chinese neon sign manufacturing companies include:

  • Liyu-LED Neon Signs

  • Shenzhen Cosun Sign Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Baiyang Sign

  • Ginde Star LED

  • Global Sources

  • ANPU-Lighting

Where are the Best Neon Sign Factories Located?

There’s not a single answer on where the best neon sign manufacturing companies are.

As a matter of fact, every country has its best player.

However, based on client demand and orders, both Japanese and Chinese neon sign manufacturing companies are the most sought after – even by western businesses and establishments.

This is because of the wide variety of neon sign logos, words, and art they offer.

Therefore, we can come up to a conclusion that the best neon sign factories can be in Japan and in China.


Why Should You Work With a Chinese Neon Sign Supplier?

Chinese manufacturers adapt to changes rather quickly and urgently. It’s their only weapon against the rapidly-rising competition.

Many Chinese neon sign suppliers are excellent and innovative

That being said, quality is never a question if you ask Chinese manufacturers. Apart from that, here are a couple of reasons why you should choose a Chinese neon sign supplier:

High-Profit Margin (For B2B)

If you get the neon signs you need for your business from China, you’ll be able to get a low price for it.

Then, if you’ll be selling it to businesses and companies from where you are, you can sell it for a higher price!


Relatively Fewer Costs For Shipping and Retail

Most Chinese neon sign manufacturing companies and businesses have partners for sea and air freights.

What does this mean? Simply, you wouldn’t have to be stressed about both sea and air freight.

The neon sign supplier you’ll work with will give you assistance!

Excellent Communication

Think about it – you work with a world-class neon lights supplier, but they fail to communicate every little crucial thing about your transaction.

Would you still be enticed to work with them in the future?

If you go with a Chinese neon sign manufacturer, there will never be a problem with communication.

Every little step of the way, they’ll give you an update about what’s happening. This is one of the many strengths Chinese neon sign businesses and suppliers have.


New and Innovative Products

If you want to be a company that would introduce new neon sign fonts and designs, going with a Chinese neon sign supplier is key.

Silicone-coated neon lights from ANPU Lighting

Because of the abundant resources and the cheap labor in China, it’s going to be easy to come up with new designs, products, and additives for what you need.

Unlimited Colors

Following the fact that Chinese neon light manufacturers can provide new, better, and more creative products, you will never have any problems with colors.

Chinese manufacturers have a lot of manufacturers on-call that can help them depending on how you want the neon signs for your business to look.

A lot of people think that Chinese neon light suppliers and manufacturers are up to no good; but actually, they’re whom you can trust if you want high-quality neon signs that are affordable.

How Do I Import Neon Signs For Business From China?

Importing neon signs and lightings from China isn’t actually the hardest and the most challenging part – the hardest is finding the manufacturing company you’ll work with.

We’ll cover that in a later part of this guide. But, to give you a slight glimpse of how you can import neon signages for your business from China, here are the steps:

  1. Know what your import rights are. This will depend on where you live and the region you’re located in.

  2. Identify what type of goods and products you want to import. This is crucial because in the next step –

  3. Make sure that what you’ll order is allowed or permitted to enter your country.

  4. Find and classify the products and goods you’ll order so you know how much the cost is for the delivery and/or shipping

  5. Contact the neon light manufacturing company of your choice and communicate with them in terms of how you plan on getting your orders and products

  6. Then, you need to arrange and make plans for the transport of your cargo. Oftentimes, your manufacturer will help and assist you with this

  7. Track your cargo, communicate with your manufacturer, and anticipate the order depending on the package/cargo.

NOTE: Most, if not all neon sign wholesalers and manufacturing companies will provide assistance when it comes to the shipping of your cargo. They’ll let you know about the procedure, the documentary requirements, and other things you need to know.

That brings us to our next question, which is…


What Documents Do I Need to Import B2B Neon Signs From Chinese Manufacturers?

Akin to exporting products to various parts of the globe, you need documents too. Importing neon signs from Chinese wholesalers would ask you for the following requirements:

  1. Certificate of Origin

This is a document that will give proof that the goods in the cargo have been obtained, produced, and manufactured fully in a country.

The exporter or the manufacturer of neon signs would be the entity to give this to you.

  1. Air Waybill

An air waybill, or more commonly known as AWB, is a receipt that is given by an airline to give proof that the products and/or the cargo were transported.

  1. Commercial Invoice

Akin to all types of purchases, the commercial invoice is a document that provides proof of payment.

This document will be given by the Chinese neon lights manufacturing company you’ll be working with.

  1. Bill of Lading

A bill of lading or a BOL is a document that details information on the shipment of the goods.

Furthermore, it also gives title to the goods as it’s going to be required by the airlines/carrier to release shipment in a particular port.

You don’t have to worry about it because the shipping company is the one to take care of this for you.

  1. Single Administrative Document (SAD)

This document is the basis for the declarations in customs in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and other countries in Europe.

  1. Declaration of Import and/or Export

More often than not, cargoes that are heavy would be required to submit and present this in the customs office. This is a list containing imported and exported goods.

In preparing this document, it’s going to be either your or the neon sign wholesaler’s responsibility. You can find many examples of how you can do it online.

  1. CE & Rohs Certificate

A CE Certificate is the form of proof that the products, in this case, neon signages and lights, are compliant with laws and directives in Europe.

You can find forms of it online and it’s given to notified entities. 

  1. Pro Forma Invoice

This is a document that gives detail on all the important information on the products. Some of which include:

  • How many products are shipped

  • Features and functionalities of the products

  • Weight and dimensions

  • Hazardous risks

  1. CITES Permit

  2. Packing List

If you’re not sure about it, don’t worry! All neon sign manufacturing companies in China are experienced when it comes to shipping. They have local and foreign partners they can tap!


Different Neon Sign Font Products You Can Get From Chinese Neon Signs Suppliers

Neon signage and lighting suppliers aren’t just limited to one type of design.

As a matter of fact, they can offer a whole lot of products! Some of the most common and the most purchased neon sign font products include:


Neon Sign Name

This could be the name of your business, the name of your store – or even your name!

Depending on the type of business you have, you can customize neon sign names!


Neon Sign Logos

Similar to how you can customize or specify neon sign names, Chinese neon sign wholesalers can help you customize your business’s logo.

Example of a neon sign logo

Whatever your business is, you can order and customize a neon sign logo that would fit your needs!

Apart from customized logos, you can also order famous and common neon sign logos such as:

  • Neon Sign Nike

  • Neon Sign Xbox

  • Jordan 1 Neon Sign

  • Neon Sign PlayStation 2

  • And Many More!

There will never be a shortage of whatever neon sign logo you need!


Neon Sign Letters

Some businesses only need letters in order to showcase their business.

For instance, if you own a diner and you want your logo to be just the first letter, you can order a neon sign letter, enlarge it, and put it at the top of your establishment!

Neon sign letters are usually taken from words. That brings us to the next type of neon signage you can get from a B2B neon sign manufacturing company, which is…


Neon Sign Words

Neon sign words can be anything from a single word, a quote, a phrase, etc.

A “hello” neon sign word

Unlike neon sign names and logos, neon sign words would be smaller. Their bulbs would be less dense because of their length.

The most common use for neon sign words would be aesthetics of a dance club, a bar, room decoration, etc.


Neon Sign Open

Probably the most common type of neon sign font you’ll see is the open sign. It’s a word that is red in color, and a blue circle is wrapped around it.

However, there have been many variations to this neon sign word over the years of innovation.


Neon Sign 2D and 3D Model

The main difference between 2D and 3D is the angle of how you look at it.

An example of a 3D model neon sign

More often than not, neon sign words, names, and logos that are 2D models can only be seen frontward. On the other hand, 3D neon signages can be seen and clearly read no matter what angle you look at them.

The rates and prices of 2D and 3D neon sign fonts would depend on the size, color, and complexity of it.


Neon Sign Art

Akin to neon sign logos, neon sign arts are also images that can either be abstract or concrete.

Neon sign lightning art in the blue color

The most common neon sign art, based on supply and demand from wholesale B2B manufacturers is the kiss or the neon sign tongue – what follows is the neon sign lighting.

Should you have a specific design or art you want to have as a neon sign, you can find a lot of neon sign manufacturers in China to help you with it!


Neon Sign Kit

If you don’t feel like purchasing neon signs in bulk or in wholesale, you can always have a tester via a neon sign kit.

A neon sign kit is a kit that can help you pursue the DIY neon sign you’re looking for. It’s like you’re going to purchase a kit that has a complete set of everything you need to set up and establish the neon sign you want!

These are some of the most common neon sign fonts, neon sign art, neon sign words, and logos you can purchase from Chinese neon sign manufacturing companies.


What Colors Can You Purchase From a Neon Sign Manufacturer?

Depending on the capacity and the ability of the neon sign manufacturing company you’ll work with, you can get a heap of colors.

You can get anywhere from the usual red, green, and blue neon signs – to white, pink, red, purple, and many more!

Different neon sign colors you could choose from

The neon sign red is typically the most common color you can get. Many businesses use this because red signifies urgency and attraction. That’s why the “open” neon signage is colored red.

When it comes to the usual colors, the color blue and the neon sign green are two (2) of the other common colors. They’re not as common and as famous as the neon sign red color but you’ll also notice a lot of it.

The least common, and quite frankly, the least famous and popular is the color white. You’ll almost see little-to-no neon signs that are color white.

Neon signs get their colors based on the gas they have. Neon sign manufacturers and factories store this gas to the medium; and when the gas is emitted, the specific color emerges.

Here are the specific gases and the exact color that each gas produces:

  • Argon – Blue or Lavender

  • Helium – Orange

  • Krypton – Gray or Green

  • Mercury Vapor – Light shades of Blue

  • Neon – Different Shades of Red

Those are the different neon signs and light colors you can choose from.


How Much Do Neon Signs Cost?

The prices and rates of neon signs will be dependent on how much the manufacturer got the materials.

Because they still have to calculate the cost, labor, and materials – there will never be a singular answer to this question.

Add the fact that if you purchase bulk neon signs, or if you purchase neon signs wholesale, the prices will be a lot different.

However, to give you a specific range on how much they cost in their retail price, an average-sizing neon sign can cost anywhere between $200 to $1,100. That’s an average-sized, custom neon sign.

Per letter that is at the regular size, the rates average within the range of $80 to $100.

Should you decide to purchase neon signs in bulk; and if you decide that you’ll be working with a Chinese neon sign manufacturing company, you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 to $50 per piece – which is the best for your buck.  


How Do You Choose the Neon Sign Manufacturer to Work With?

Choosing the neon sign manufacturing company you’ll work with is crucial. Not only would you be ordering from them – because by choosing them, but you’re also giving your full and complete trust to them for your business.

ANPU Lighting’s multi-colored neon lights, perfect for aesthetics

Before you choose a neon sign manufacturing company, it is imperative that you look at a few angles, first. Try answering these questions to help you be pointed at the best supplier you can work with.


How Long Have They Been in the Industry?

Let me ask you, would you be willing to work with a beginner in the industry? If you’re running a business, wouldn’t it be best if you go with a neon sign manufacturer with years of experience?

Try to gather information about how long they’ve been in the industry – this will help you a lot when it comes to choosing which manufacturing company you’ll trust with your business.  


How Big is Their Neon Sign Factory?

The bigger the factory the long they’ve been in the industry.

In addition to that, you can also make up the efforts and the number of clients they have depending on the size of their manufacturing plant.

There are tons of Chinese neon lights suppliers that offer an online showroom; don’t miss the chance of viewing it.


How Much Can They Produce?

If you’ll work with them, ask yourself – “Can they handle the load I require?” If they’re new, then most probably, they wouldn’t be able to. That’s the reason why every question to ask is interconnected with one another.

Even if they’re an experienced B2B neon sign manufacturer, if they’re not capable of producing to accommodate your needs, it’s better to choose someone else.

These questions can be the basis of whether or not you’ll select the manufacturer to work with. You can have a different approach – this is just a general style of what you can do.  


Why Is It Important to See the Neon Sign Factory Before Purchasing?

We can compare this to the saying, “a man’s house is a reflection of his personality.”

In this context; a neon sign manufacturer’s factory is a clear representation of their work ethic and expertise.

Seeing the factory is rather an important step because you’ll be able to know:

  • What quality assurance methodologies they impose

  • The manufacturing procedure they undergo

  • Whether or not they assess and inspect products before packaging

  • How long they’ve been working in the industry

  • And many more

If you’re tackling with a foreign neon sign supplier, you can inquire if they have any type of showroom or workshop.

From there, you can choose and judge by the looks of their neon sign manufacturing factory.


How are Neon Signs Manufactured?

Manufacturing neon signs is a strictly manual process. It can’t be automated because of the fact that it involves the bending of the glass tubes.

We carefully consider all features of our neon lights – guaranteeing quality

Before the manufacturing process, a neon sign manufacturing company secures its raw materials, including:

  • Glass tube

  • Electrode

  • Mercury

  • Gas

Now that you know the raw materials that a neon sign manufacturer needs, how does the procedure take place?

  1. The first step is obtaining the sketch or the shape of the neon sign the client needs

  2. Once the design and shape is finalized, the glass tube would be marked on where the tubular glass would be bent

  3. Before bending, the tubing would be cleaned from end to end – both inside and outside

  4. In the bending process, a highly-focused heat source would be applied to where the glass tubes need to be bent

  5. They’ll be bent depending on the type and the kind of shape/design the client needs

  6. The uncorked end of the tubular glass is blown; this is to restore the shape and the dimensions of the tube

  7. On one end, an electrode is sealed and fused; the other is left open – the now-shaped tubular glass is cooled down

  8. When cooled down, the tubing is put through the aging process, stabilizing the gas inside the tube. Whilst making sure that the drop of mercury has descended from the time it was placed on the tabulation

  9. Finally, the neon sign is completed and finished – it’s going to be packaged airtight!


Can You Order Custom Wholesale Neon Signs From Chinese Manufacturers?

Yes, a lot of Chinese neon sign manufacturing companies offer B2B transactions; and in this context, they offer wholesale neon signs.

There are a lot of Chinese wholesale neon sign manufacturers to choose from!

You can order anything from the open neon sign, neon sign art, neon sign fonts, neon sign on the wall, and many more!

As a matter of fact, there are neon light suppliers that give you a glimpse of how your neon signs would look like via a neon sign mockup!

Never will you be surprised at what your neon signage will look like!


Can You Use Neon Signs as Business Décor?

Yes, most businesses, especially those that have physical stores can benefit from neon signs.

Take advantage of the coolness and the attractiveness of neon signs for your business

Not only are neon signs add extra lighting, but they can also attract people to go into whatever your establishment is!

For instance, if you own a bar and you post pictures of your bar, flaunting that you have a slick neon sign inside where people can take photos, people will find it alluring and attractive!


Can You Use Neon Signs as Kitchen Décor?

Adding neon lights and signs as fixtures can actually add a lot of volume and voice to your kitchen.

You can use neon lights as a nice touch to your kitchen

It’s a good touch you can use to keep people from leaving your home!

There are a lot of neon signs for kitchen décor you can use such as:

  • Neon Signs on Walls

  • Neon Sign Open

  • Neon Sign Quotes

  • And Many More!


Can You Use Neon Sign as Room Décor?

An example of how you can use neon lights to decorate your room

Absolutely! In the modern setup, a lot of people want to add a touch of neon lighting to their rooms!

This creates an ambient effect that is calm, easy, and relaxing!


Can You Use Neon Signs For Wedding Decoration?

In today’s time, the usual flowers and walled wedding decorations are slowly becoming outdated.

You can add tone and ambiance to your wedding reception using neon lights!

What’s replacing these aesthetics are neon signs – it could be anything from neon sign words, neon sign logos, neon sign art, and the like.

You can find a lot of neon sign manufacturing companies that can provide outstanding neon sign art and works that are specified and customized!


Troubleshooting Your Business Neon Signs

Are your neon signs not working? Are your neon signs flickering?

Flickering lights are easy to deal with – check out what needs to be done!

What are the steps you can take to properly troubleshoot the neon signs you’ve put up on your establishment?

Here’s one of the best and the most followed troubleshooting procedures you can perform:

  1. Check and assess the voltage supply, look for connections that are loose

  2. Blinking or flickering could be a sign of low power, so use a transformer if the voltage is not enough

  3. Are there broken, damaged, and shorted wires? If there are wires like this, it won’t transfer any voltage to the light

  4. There could also be a leakage in the glass tube; leakage in the tubes could be a primary culprit for flickering and non-working neon lights

  5. Go to a neon sign repair shop and have it fixed – make sure you have prepared the reason why they’re broken for them to solve it faster


Can You Purchase Wholesale Neon Signs?

Chinese neon sign manufacturing companies prefer receiving orders wholesale.

You can purchase wholesale neon signs from us here at ANPU Lighting!

It’s not only cheaper for you, but you also wouldn’t have to worry about running out of stock!


Can You Purchase Neon Signs From Amazon?

Yes, you can purchase neon signs in bulk from Amazon – and most of it would still come from a Chinese neon sign manufacturer.

Importing neon signs from other countries is possible through Amazon. The only drawback of ordering it through e-commerce websites is that you might not be able to grab discounts.

So, if you’re looking for B2B neon signs, purchasing from Amazon and other e-commerce websites might not be the best of ideas. It’s still best to contact a Chinese neon sign supplier directly.  


Where Else Can You Buy Bulk Neon Signs?

Apart from Amazon, you can also purchase neon signs on certain websites such as eBay, craigslist, carousel, and many more!


Where Can You Buy Cheap Neon Signs?

Do we already know how many neon signs are, but are there cheap B2B neon signs in the market?

ANPU Lighting offers affordable neon signs in bulk, but in high quality

As we mentioned, there are a lot of Asian neon sign manufacturing companies; there are Chinese manufacturers, Japanese manufacturers – even Thai and Viet manufacturers.

In Asia, you can expect to purchase neon signs in bulk at the lowest price you can get – especially if you purchase from a Chinese neon sign supplier.

Furthermore, Chinese neon sign manufacturers have largely-scaled facilities and factories! There’ll be no doubt when it comes to their experience in the industry!


Which Chinese Neon Sign Wholesale Manufacturer Can You Trust?

For more than a decade, ANPU Lighting has been the best and the most trusted B2B neon sign manufacturer in China.

An example of our IP65 waterproof, flexible, and beam-angled blue neon light

We have a versatile set of neon signs and lights you can use for your business.

Whether you’re reselling, your distributing, or you’re rebranding, ANPU Lighting is and will always be present to provide!

You have the option of choosing what shape, logo, and type of neon lights

  • All of the neon signs and lighting we offer have guidelines and procedures

  • You can count on us to produce custom neon signages for your business

  • Having an expert R&D team, you can send us raw requirements for customized neon signs

  • Most of our products are IP65 waterproof – you can use them outdoors, too!

  • We can give you a glimpse of the neon sign factory that we have through our online workshop and showroom

  • You can get a whole wide range of LED Neon Lights from us! 


Is ANPU Lighting Certified?

ANPU Lighting wouldn’t be the best if we don’t have licenses and certifications.

We have a wide array of certifications from the usual conformance, ISO, CE, and ACCKIP certifications!

We also offer a highly flexible silicone-material neon light

If you choose ANPU Lighting to be your neon sign manufacturing company, you can focus on doing your business.

You’ll never have any problems and troubles when it comes to delivery and shipping! The packaging we provide have been commended by a lot of businesses!

Reach out to us and get the best quality of lighting! Work with the best neon sign supplier in China – get it for the most competitive rates available!