Who manufacturers led trees in China?

Are you searching for a well-experienced company to make your dreams of an LED tree come true? NINGBO ANPU lighting is your best choice. We understand that there are varieties of LED tree quality in the market. We specialize in producing the best quality LED trees and other LED lighting. That has been NINGBO's debut for a decade now. We are agile with any LED tree color for beautification. Best qualities brand us. We manufacture for use and sale.
Here are some question guides for you.

What are the Series of LED Trees ANPU manufactures?

We have 8 main series of LED trees for your options. We can customize exactly what you want. We have:

1)Simulated LED Tree

An LED simulated tree is one of the most famous and ideal product decorations for a holiday tree. They are also useful for Christmas trees, fiesta glow, event glow, festival glow, arena glow, wedding glow, and shopping center light. It is an attractive choice for decorating the garden, mall, resorts, plaza, shop, night bar, and amusement park, and so on. LED simulated trees are reliable, sturdy, and beautiful environments. Likewise, these trees reserve energy and the face of modernity.
We have them in four different models, as in:
2)LED Simulated Cherry Tree
We designed a simulated LED cherry tree in different models to suit your choice. It comes with an accurate voltage of AC110/220V DC24V.  Not only does it have various customized height and width, but also easy to install. Enough quantity has manufactured. Our Simulated LED cherry tree has varied bloom colors, ranging from yellow, pink, white, green, blue, and mixed shades of green, pink, and green-blue. Not only does it have a super LED quality, but also suitable for outdoor designs.

3)LED Lucky Apple Tree

This product comes in white and red. It has a voltage of AC110/220V DC24V. It is very easy to install. LED lucky apple trees are manufactured in different models. Height and width are built in various sizes according to your request. This LED tree is the best choice for a separate ceremony and festival. Excellent LED quality it possesses also. They are suitable for outdoor purposes.


4)LED Willow Tree

Our LED willow tree will dazzle anyone looking at it and warm your heart with its features. It will complement your outdoor décor with hundreds of LED lights. The tree has a voltage of AC110/220V DC24V. In addition, it comes in the serene color of green and white. The sizes vary according to your request. It has incomparable LED light quality.

5)Non-simulated LED tree series

This series is sturdy for both indoor and outdoor use. These are reliable LED lights with high quality. We have them in five series. They are:
  • Non-simulated LED cherry tree
  • Non-simulated LED clove/lilac tree
  • Non-simulated LED maple tree
  • Non-simulated LED willow tree
  • Non-simulated LED pine tree
  • Non-simulated LED fruits tree
6)Special LED tree series (tall)
Our unique LED tree is manufactured to create a personal paradise in your home. These products are vibrant, and they make fun. They are natural filled atmosphere products inspired by the ocean's beauty. Special LED trees are produced majorly for outdoor decoration. We have them in the following models.
  • LED Palm Tree
  • LED Coconut Tree
  • LED Kwai Tree
  • LED Fortunate Tree

7)Special tree series (short)

  • Reed light
  • Plastic drooping bonsai
  • Vase lamp
  • Flower basket
  • Mushroom tree
8)RGB LED Tree (color changing)
This is a perfect choice for decorating malls, event centers, parks, companies, shops, and museums. This product breath takes everyone that comes insight into it and befits the space it occupies. It makes the environment stand out. It calls attention to wherever it is.

Common Features of led trees:

Despite their different shapes, look, and sizes, they have the following standard features:
  • Outstanding High LED qualities.
  • Regulated voltage: AC110V/220V/DC24V
  • It comes in different colors and mixed colors.
  • Modeled in different height and width to suit choice
  • Durable for both indoors and outdoors use
  • Packed with manual guides for easy installation
  • Suitable for outdoor usage.
  • Shades of colors and mixed color
  • Customized shapes and colors available
  • They come with a guide for easy installation.
  • They are suitable for businesses, quite attractive.
  • They are durable and do not fade.
  • Modeled with various height and width
  • They have a soothing light.
  • Built with realistic materials
  • Well packaged for safe delivery.

Applications of led trees ANPU produced:

  • Indoor and outdoor,
  • For events, holidays, festivals, weddings.
  • For home usage, garden, corridor,
  • For Commercial usages such as bridge, garden mall, plaza, park and so on.

How many LEDs does your LED tree come with?

The number of lights that come with our tree depends on the height of the tree you want. However, no matter the tree's height, enough light will go with it to fill the branches for the rhythmic glow.

How much does one tree cost?

$30USD~$2000USD/pc. Simulated type led trees are higher in prices than non-simulated type led trees.

What are the colors and ornament designs your LED tree possesses?

The traditional green color is what we all grew up with. There is a new development in an LED tree that gives you the choice of any color you want in this modern era. Putting our customer’s needs in mind, we manufacture shades of color and ornament for your LED tree. All of which give different vibes and endowments. The color of an LED tree can change the look and complexion of the environment it occupies. We blend the ornament to complement the color, but we also designed various shapes for the leaves.
We have our LED tree colors and ornament types in Red, yellow, pink, blue, white, warm white, and purple cherry. Cherry colors change the appearance of the room or outside to heaven made abode. Cherry ornament appeals to a welcoming essence for your guests or audience.
Our super sturdy clove tree comes in LED of red, purple, blue, and pink azalea colors. This look is classy and gives a classic feeling.
With our experience and feedback over the years, we develop novel designs and marching colors of red maples, purple peach bloom, pink peach bloom, and pink plum bloom. It will mesmerize your mind and zap your environment up with a snug ambiance.
According to our artistic findings, to meet up with the modern epitome's new face, we come up with willow leaves, peach leaves, pine leaves, and mango leaves for our branches. We also top the notch with simulated peach, apple, mango, and orange fruit on the tree. It is ideal for warming up the mind, and it moves the soul closer to nature. When the color is mixed, it will create a perfect stunning wonderland excitement.
For fairy lovers, the colors with ornaments can be doubled or mixed to fit into your dreams.

What gives specialty to ANPU LED trees over other products?

You can choose various designs and decorations for a more graphic effect. Our durable wire holds better than strings and is attached to ornament for better installation. All cables are 100 percent pure copper, so it is relatively safe. Not only do we produce layered trees for dimensional decoration, but we also make sure to keep larger space in between the branches for dimensional decoration, enormous ornament, and bows. Our small size series have less space between the branches and require less decoration to look full. All our LED trees use cold-proof wires, which are 2.2mm in diameter and can still work at 35 to 50⁰C of temperature. Our LED trees do not have to be used occasionally. They are also perfect for all events at a place needed.
ANPU Lighting lighting ensures the quality of the LED lamp beads and the chips' size using the imported LED chip packaging for Tianwan Epistar. We model LEDs that emanate under the tree décor by going through the floor. The bolts come with a number for easy installation. We can also customize any design you want. All the accessories never fade within five years.
We manufacture led trees that meet up with almost all of our customers` needs and satisfaction. We do that by undauntedly meeting up with the ever quality product, novel innovations, and a step ahead in our customer services and orientation. We stand out with a classy modern LED tree spiced with realistic ornament. Our product does not injure children based on the material we use in producing it. 

Why use LED light for the tree?

We manufactured LED lights for our tree because they are 80-90% efficient. LED bulbs are strong and sturdy. They are made of plastic, which reduces their possibility of unexpected breakage when sagged up or stored in the garage or attic. LED light is reviewed to last longer than other various kinds of light. They use less emitting energy and are cost-effective. Since they sip energy and produce very little heat, there is no chance or risk for fire, making them the safest choice. Not only do they not get hot to touch, but they also are Eco friendly. They are easy to bend into any shape for kinds of designs, especially the novel ones for gala mood.
LEDs shine brighter with the essence of colors or multi-colors for a festive atmosphere. They continue to develop with time to match up and surpass other products. If there is any complaint about the LED, which is seldom, please contact our customer services for direction.

Why should I go for an LED tree and not the traditional tree or any other?

LED trees can always be easily maintained and set up compared to other trees. You can put them into shape in a couple of minutes. They do not need to be watered nor require clean up after being removed. Moreover, if you are the kind of person that prefers to leave up their tree after the festive period, you will be able to leave yours in place without worrying about the tree being dried out. LED trees are long-lasting and light-weighted. They also strike a balance between energy, safety, and efficiency.

What is your measurement for width and height?

You have to note that the LED tree's width and height vary considering the tree's style. The width is measured from the widest point of one point to the other of the assembled tree. The size includes the stand and is measured from the ground to the assembled tree's tallest tip.
Width: 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m, 2.5m, 3m and so on, until 5m.
Height: 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m, 2.5m, 3m, and so on, until 7m.

What do I do if a part of my LED tree is broken?

For your information, to avoid any losses caused by the INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS Courier, please read the below words:
If any products are damaged, missing, any are broken or any lamps are soaked, and so on.
Please take photos of the outer carton and inner boxes, and damaged lamps to show DHL for complaint. Please do not throw out the carton before making sure all lights are handed in the right conditions.
Also, please complain to the international express within 3 days if any cartons are missing, any branches are broken; any led trees are soaked, etc.
If you have successfully complained to the courier, please send us the Complaint Number. We will ask for the money back from the courier. During DHL/FEDEX/UPS/By air/By sea transportation, it is hard to tell what will be broken or lost there. So, please be careful with their delivery once receiving them. It is better to check for the first time when they receive them.
These cases are very rare because of our packaging strategy. However, if it happens, there will be a replacement. You can contact our 24 hours customer services section on our website's left side or email If the warranty has passed by chance, we are glad to offer replacement pieces for sale.

What do I do if I install my LED tree, and a strand of the light does not come up?

Be familiar with the kind of lights on your tree. As stated earlier, there is a replacement light for LED lights. Although, you have to follow a close guide on the manual provided for installation or videos. You can also check the tree sections for any mistake during installation if it has more than one section. Another thing is to check the bulbs to make sure it is tight, not broken or darken at one side. The LED light might not work, as it should if the bulb is loose or darken. Check to make sure the copper wire fits into the metal section of both sides. Look out for the bulb to hit the metal sock. You might not easily find the burnout fuse. Open the case to check for them. Observe the tester light for guidance; it will locate the fault. You can also contact our electrical department for proper guidance. There is no cause for alarm.

Are your LED trees for indoor or outdoor use?

Based on your preference, we have an LED tree both for outdoor and indoor purposes. Please specify your choice to our sales rep to install the LED tree inside or outside. You can also be specific on whether it is for seasonal or yearly purposes.

Can I purchase an LED tree when it is not a festive period?

Yes, you can. Our LED tree is for all events at all times. We sell throughout the year. You can also order in bulk at any time.

Where do you manufacture led tress?

We manufacture led trees in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China.

Is our item available in any store location?

We have our store location at Qiming Road, Jinzhou, NINGBO, Zhejiang, China. We also sell online on our website and Alibaba store.

Can I change my order or address when already placed the led trees?

We will be able to change the shipping address for your genuine order before shipping. The order content of led trees can be changed before production, such as color, quantity, volt, etc. This step will then be followed up by our agent to place a new order for the items already placed.

How will I install my LED tree through a simple step if I do not want to follow the manual?

  • Open the packing. Tools are inside.
  • Find out all significant components in the carton box.
  1. Installation tools and spare fittings
  2. Bole
  3. Branches
  4. Flowering Branches
  • Use the setscrew to fix the bole on the ground.
  • Combine the power-line of the branch with the power-Line of the pole.
  • Insert the branch into the whole interface
  • Tighten the screw with a Large-size key.
  • Insert the flowering branch into the main branch.
  • Use a small Allen key to fix the screw.
  • Connect the flowering branch and branch socket interface.
  • Use * screw to fix the screws.
  • Use the cable to make sure all are wrapped from water.
  • Check the screws are tightened and the power-lines are combined correctly after all installation. Then, turn on the light through the current, finished.

Our shipping details

Large quantity ordered led trees might attract less shipping; please check in with our customer services. We provide tracking for all our goods. We ship out our goods within 7-10 days if you placed the order. On the other hand, if you place an order in the afternoon or evening, we will ship it the following day.
We usually use by sea for shipping led trees. It will take 15~45days.
If urgent, by air and by international expresses are suggested. Your goods will get to you within 7~15 days or less, depending on your location.
We ship within and outside the country. Please provide a physical mailing address when filling out the shipping information. You can also contact our customer care services for information and guidance.

What is your packing strategy for export goods?

For safe delivery, we use an export carton or wrapped with iron for your option. This strategy will help you repack our item in the same box, which is advisable. It will prevent our item from getting damped or rusted or being crushed. Please store it in a cool and dry place.

Do you have a catalog for your LED tree? Alternatively, can I view the NINGBO ANPU LED tree catalog online?

Yes, we have a catalog for our LED trees.
You can always view the catalog on our page or ask for it in your email. Our catalog will not only show you NINGBO's latest items, but they will also keep you up to date on our new trends, new designs, and all our top products.

Can I purchase large quantities of LED Trees from your factory directly?

Of course. Usually, by the container. Our company sells goods to wholesalers and retailers. You can refer to our customer services or live chat on our website for more inquiries.

Can I install an outdoor LED tree inside?

Yes, you can. You will need to check the plug to fit into your exterior cords. Please note that you cannot install an indoor LED tree outside because the wire thickness is not manufactured for external temperature. Doing this might damage your LED tree. There is a specification for each LED tree, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use.

If some branches of my led tress turn off after several years, can it be replaced?

Yes, you can surely place it with new branches.
The same thing goes for if you want to swap your LED tree. It might happen if the LED tree turned out to be too small or too large. It will incur your shipping payment, but it will be swapped to your choice.

Benefits of LED trees that fit into buying consideration 

The LED tree has come a long way in changing the face of tradition to a new suiting trend. You do not have to struggle or get worked up while scouting the market for trees to buy. In addition, the yearly annoying part of tying trees to your car, struggling to get it inside, cleaning up the needles every day is even gone. You can have a resting mind with an LED tree with cost, quality, durability, beauty, and the home of wonderland.

Quality of the led trees ANPU produced.

The quality of our product cuts across various areas. The stand and the structure are sturdy. We designed the density and quality of both branches and lights to be effortlessly assembled. We covered in-depth the strong structure and stood of metal to be safer. Our plastic version is lighter and more comfortable to tip. The virtue of our LED tree lies in the PVC or PE material we used when manufacturing it. That makes the branches and the trunks beautiful. Our branches for trees are made of hinges for them to be easily assembled.
Our tree accessories include an ornament, as well as a power surge protector for lighting security and lasting life. The tree box is modeled to be insects and dustproof for off-season protection.
Our product comes with a warranty to prove its high quality.

LEDs used:

The LED light of the LED tree is rated UL for safety, including burn out protection (this allows one light to go off without affecting the others). It makes it shine brighter too. There is an appropriate number of lights for the tree’s height to make a nice look. The branches also have the exact number for the light not to be muddled up. Our LED light has a unique feature of snow, it glitters, and the LEDs are in-built.

Shapes and Sizes of led trees ANPU manufactured

Shapes and sizes blend with color to express some unique style and thoughtful choice. Our LED tree comes in different shapes and sizes. You can choose according to the amount of space you want to spare for it. There is no use having a beautiful LED tree, and your guest does not have room to party.
The shapes also matter, not only the height or size. We keep in mind this when we modeled our LED tree in different full tree shapes, pencil trees, slim trees, and sparse trees.

Setting up options on led trees

We save your time by manufacturing LED tree features that are easy to set up. We already gave easy installation tips at the top. However, you need to know that our trees are designed with hinged branches that stretched out for fast set up and storage. We also created a firm metal stand made with rubber to keep your floor clean and maintain it sparkling.
The only thing you need is the plug that goes into the wall. The light strings are wired through the trunk.

Is it true that LED trees can last for ten years?

It relies on how you take care of them and how often you use them. If you manage them well, it can last for a lifetime. However, if you put on the light all through the year, it will surely last for a short period. If you live in a frenzy area or store them in a hot place during the day, it might still not last long as you wish. Most LED trees will last a minimum of five years, depending on how you take care of them.

How do I store my LED tree?

Whether you have your LED tree in one piece or hundreds of pieces, it is best to think of how to store them.  Store them in a cool and dry place. You can also get a storage bag to keep the structure in place. 

What is the warranty for your products?

ANPU NINGBO is delighted to bid an exclusive 1-year product warranty on regular and sale-priced LED trees. ANPU NINGBO's two-year warranty ensures our LED tree's quality installed the light, frame, foliage, hinges, and tree stand (burn out bulbs are omitted). The warranty fully covers any substitute or repairs of defects in those fractions within the specified time frame. Please note this warranty only applies to LED trees.
We suggest that you resolve any minor problems you might have with the sections that fit above if you have a complaint with our products or need help with your tree. If the problems persist, or you would prefer to speak with our customer services, please do so with this phone number +86 574 8822 9395. You can also be attended to immediately through on-site Live Chat. We will provide help to you by troubleshooting the problem and identifying an appropriate solution. This may occasionally include requesting a photo of the issue.
Please follow the instructions given to you directly by our customer service. Do not try to fix the repair on your own without prior knowledge as this may damage the LED tree, and thereupon terminate the warranty.
If you submit the following claim to ANPU NINGBO during the period of the warranty, we will, at our choice:
  • Mend the tree as soon as possible with fractions that match up to new in dependability. If your tree is no longer available for sale on our website or in-store or has been remodeled, the fraction(s) may have to be manufactured after the holiday season;
  • replace the tree with either an identical style or the closest compatible style available; or
  • Provide for you a credit towards a replacement tree if we cannot repair or replace your tree.

The Following are our Exclusion from ANPU NINGBO Warranty Options

The warranty excludes burned-out bulbs and normal wear and tear and will be voided in the cases of damage due to misuse, neglect, intentional alteration, or other events beyond our reasonable control. A warranty may not be transferred and applies only to the original owner of the tree.


The LED tree is one of the most crucial parts of decoration during the festive or non-festive time, and we offer buyers thousands of products of the LED tree to choose from, including modern, indoor, outdoor, and bathroom LED trees.
The range of product manufacturers, wholesalers we represented is expansive. If you are mainly searching for a 2020 novel LED Tree and LED Tree factory, ANPU NINGBO is the option you can never imagine. Be sure to check through our options for an LED tree you might be able to find, such as an LED simulated tree, Non-simulated LED tree series, special tree series (tall or short) and RGB LED Tree (color-changing).
ANPU NINGBO factory makes sure you are less stressed with your option. Choose us to find the best selection of Chinese LED tree suppliers at an efficient price and make a success in your market. With the LED tree's comprehensive options to choose from, we are here to make your experience worthy.

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