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Our Markets

ANPU`s Main Markets

1, The U.S., and Canada
2, Europe
3, UK
4, Australia
5, the Middle-East
6, and some other high and middle-end markets.
Of course, domestic is also our main market.



Do Projects

We are good at making a whole project, a complete event, and a full lighting show. 

We cooperated with Governments, Contractors, Developers, land agents, scenic spots, and commercial companies. and so on.

We can do various kinds of landscape lighting and different lighting application. 

We can make your idea come true. Just show us your idea, and we will make your proposals for confirmation. 


Do Customaztion

We really don`t like to do very standard products. Those years, 85% of our products are customer customized.

We have experienced structural engineers
, appearance design engineers, electronic engineers, and plan-achieve engineers. Let`s why we can easily make a customer`s ideas come true. 

We have successfully made many customized projects and products. Hope our expenrience can always help you!



Our designer can design the color box, sticker, markings, and so on for you, without charge, if you have a bulk order. We are doing a one-stop OEM solution. So that you can easily and quickly lift up your brand and sell more. 

In consumer products, our main customers are online sellers (such as Amazon, Shopify shop, eBay, and Etsy sellers), offline shop owners, and chain stores. 


Support Amazon FBA

We are cooperating with several Amazon sellers. We exactly know the rules of Amazon. We can provide goods to FBA directly. We will make all UPC for you. 

We have a full detailed Amazon FBA guide. You have nothing to worry about if you place the order with us. 


Support Dropshipping

We support drop shipping for certain items. There are a few items that are suitable for online dropshipping. You can contact us to know what products they are. 

We have a very good solution on shipping for dropshipping. 
We have a very detailed dropshipping guide for you to start with us easily.
We have a flexible dropshipping CRM, which can always keep you and our team updated.

We are the factory. So, we don`t do retail. But 
we do bulk drop shipping for some products, such as neon signs, as some of our certain lamps, which are suitable for dropshipping.

What items are suitable for dropshipping, or we are doing dropshipping with them? Please contact us and we will share more details.

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