Motif lighting is sculpture lighting decoration, it can be animal, people, plant, objects, and so on. It is widely used in festivals, commercial decoration, celebrations, parties, weddings, and so on.

1. You need to tell us your motif lighting idea.
(1) What shapes do you want it to be?
囗2D, or 囗3D? 囗Do you have photos to show us? So that we can know your idea better.
(2) What elements do you want to show out?
囗Plant, 囗animals, 囗people, 囗objectives and so on? What it is exactly: _______________________
(3) Sizes:
(4) You should tell us where it will be used. As we need to consider the environments in.
囗Bridge 囗House outdoor decoration 囗Gardens/Parks outdoor 囗Home indoor 囗Big mall/plaza/park indoor
Where exactly the project will be installed?
囗Would you please show photos of where you are going to install it?
(6) What effects do you want to get?
In colors:
囗Single color? 囗Red囗Green囗Blue囗Yellow 囗Pink 囗Purple囗Warm White囗Cool White囗Natural White
囗Mixed colors? Rate? 囗Red囗Green囗Blue囗Yellow 囗Pink 囗Purple囗Warm White囗Cool White囗Natural White
Changing models: 囗Flash, 囗chasing, 囗steady, and so on: ________________________.

囗On/off 囗Smart ones, controlled by phone/Alexa/google home
(8) Who will use it? 囗Self-using 囗For project. ______________________________
For what application? 囗Party, 囗Wedding, 囗Commercial, 囗Holiday festivals, or any other events?
Holiday: Such as 囗Diwali, 囗Halloween, 囗Christmas, 囗Eid, and so on?_____________________
(9) What materials will be used? Do you have any idea about it? 囗You can send us materials photos.
If not, we will discuss and let you know what materials will be used.
Of course, we are opening minds on materials. So, you can tell your materials requests.
We usually use the below materials for motif lighting:
囗LED Rope Lamp
囗 Pixel LED Strip
囗 LED Neon
囗 LED Strings 囗LED Net 囗LED Curtain 囗LED Icicle 囗
Target budget for this project.
囗Under $3k 囗$3k-5k 囗$5k-$8k囗$8k-$10k
囗$10k-$20k囗$20k-$30k 囗$30k-$50k囗$50k-$70k, 囗$70k-$100k
囗$100k-$200k囗$200k-$300k 囗$300-$400k 囗$400k-$500k 囗over $500k
We also need to know the deadline for this project. When do you hope it arrives?
As we need to count our production time and shipping time in.
囗Jan 囗Feb 囗Mar 囗Apr 囗May 囗Jun 囗Jul 囗Aug 囗Sep 囗Oct 囗Nov 囗Dec

2. We give you sample-photos for reference.
3. You can ask your designer to make your own designs, and send them to us. We make it come true.
Of course, if you don’t have a designer, we can make different designs for your option.

4. We evaluate and give you our proposals for your confirmation.
5. If it is confirmed, we will quote you back with prices.
If prices are confirmed, we can go on checking the shipping cost for you.
6. If the shipping cost is confirmed, we can go on the contract. A deposit can be made after confirmation. So that we can start the production as agreed.
7. After production, we make the shipping as agreed. As shipping details will be checked with you again before shipping.

In China, most decoration lighting factories almost only produce materials, but not a full set of motif lighting. Because they don’t have the ability of designing, welding, programming, and producing. At the same time, it has high-level requirements on materials suppliers chains.

Thanks for choosing us! Below are our advantages in making motif lighting:
1, Excellent Designing engineers.
We have 2 excellent designing engineers in this field for many years. Quite skilled and experienced.
2, Huge Programming engineers team. We have 1 main hired programming engineer and several outsourcing engineers for long term cooperation.
3, Domestic projects experience.
We have made a lot of domestic projects. So, they have faced a lot of problems in real projects, which will be avoided in your projects.
4, Many successful exporting abroad projects.
We have been in this field since 2010. Handled many successful project cases. Cooperated with many project contractors. They are quite satisfied with our projects. That`s why they keeping repeat orders to us.
5, With exporting experience for motif lighting.
We are good at shipping big items. Exporting includes shipping, clearing customs, packing, and so on. This experience is quite important and valuable.
6, Installation guide.

When the goods arrived, the installation guide is quite important. We always guide with previous videos, manuals, email guides, video call guides, and also, our engineers can go to your city for assistance, if needed. We have faced and solved many problems before. We are quite familiar and skilled on the after-sales. So, you don`t need to worry about it.
Ok, let`s all, let`s start right away! Hope this will make you earn a lot of money!