6, Sunset Lamp

ANPU Sunset Lamp Q&A

(Please contact us for the pdf version with photos.)

1, Lamp Type: There are table type, floor type, and robot type for your reference.

2, Lamp LED Color:

2.1) One lamp, only one color. But you can do a mixed order with different colors.

2.2) Sunset / Rainbow (Purple+Blue)/ Red Sunset / Sun (Yellow) for table type.

Sunset/ Rainbow (Purple+Blue) for floor type.

3, Wire finishing:

3.1) Table type: USB 1.2m.

3.2) Floor type: 1.5m with plug, please advise your plug type when ordering.

Plug for reference: Europe/USA/UK/Australia

4, Sizes:


4.1) Table type: 270mm in height. 270*100mm

 30mm  47mm

4.1) Floor lamp:

Roundhead: 1200mm, 1600mm, and 1800mm

Squarehead: 1600mm and 1800mm


5, Label: Place it on the bottom of the lamp.


6, User Manual reference: 1 user manual/lamp

7, Packing of sunset lamp: (From Sunset LAMP company ANPU)

This product is measurement goods.


The current new box (smaller color box)is 1/2 size of the previous box (big plain box). The updated box is smaller, can save you at least 4usd/pc.


We hope you can earn more money with more profit and be more competitive than your competitors.


With a nicer box, you will sell more!


8, OEM details for table type sunset lamp:

8.1) Box, yes, please ask our for the layout (die-cut)  MOQ=500pcs. $0.50USD/pc 

Big Color box                             Smaller box

8.2) Current design: without any logo, so, you can use it directly. $0.50USD/set. No MOQ.

8.3) Real box photos: (Plain box: free of charge.)  Big color box and plain box for table type.

8.4) Laser Printing: $30.00USD/100pcs. MOQ=100pcs. 

You also can use a label to place it on the bottom of the stander.


9, Floor type sunset lamp packing

Box for the floor type.

OEM is not suggested, too wasting money. Haha.


10, Original high-resolution photos

Yes, 100% original, we have, can be sent. If needed, please ask.


11, Do you have ready stock on the sunset lamp?

Yes, we have ready stock every day. But always, those are for those customers, who ordered 7 days before, and some are for urgent special VIP customers, who need big support to ship goods right away. All orders are queued up. So, you`d better place the order in advance.

11.1) <200pcs, we usually have ready stock. But please always check with us for the latest situation.

11.2) <500pcs, within 7days.

11.3) >500pcs within 15days. 

12, Do you Dropshipping for sunset lamps? Yes, please refer to our Dropshipping Guide.


13, Can you send goods to Amazon FBA? Yes, please refer to our Amazon FBA guide.

(Sunset LAMP Factory Video)


14, Application of sunset lamp:

  • Party

  • Wedding

  • Commercial & Home using

  • Holiday using

  • Events

  • Photograph & Selfie

  • etc.


15, Warranty of sunset lamp: 2 years.


16, LED brand of sunset lamp: CREE 100%.


17, Do you have CE Rohs for your sunset lamp? Yes, it`s a must! Europe is one of our main markets!

If you have any other questions, we didn`t mention them there, please ask us directly!

Looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!


Sunset Lamp Factory Guide Videos

from Sunset Lamp Manufacturing Company (ANPU)


How to Tell the Difference between Good and Bad Quality Sunset Lamp?

(A quite Helpful Factory Video-Sunset Lamp Company)


The biggest difference is the sunset lamp effect, except for the quality of the materials.

The Good one: The light effect is pure, clean, and transparent.

The bad one: The light effect is muddy, the light density all are in a mess.

What does a Real Table Sunset Lamp Look like?

(Videos from A Sunset LAMP Company ANPU)









Differences of 4 Colors of Sunset Lamp (Factory Guide)

Sunset Red | Sunset | Rainbow | Sun






Sunset Lamp – The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

from a Sunset Lamp Manufacturing Company (ANPU Lighting)


Are you looking for sunset lamp manufacturers or suppliers? Or are you in search of a sunset or a sunrise lamp wholesale supplier so you could rebrand or redistribute it?

Whether you’re in need of a reliable sunset table or sunset floor lamp manufacturers to start your business, or if you’re looking to change sunset lamp suppliers, we’ll help you by providing the information you need to know for it!

By the end of this guide, you’ll not only be knowledgeable in terms of knowing what sunset lamps are, but you will also know a few tips and techniques in choosing the right sunset lamp manufacturer to work with.


Understanding What Sunset Lamps Are

From its term alone, a sunset lamp, or a sunset light unit is a kind of lamp that looks like a sunset when it’s lit up.

An example of what a sunset lamp looks like. It is also called a "Sunset Projector".


The term is “sunset” because of the sunset-like or type of vibe that it gives. It will literally be a figure or a shade of the sunset when it projects the light that it should, thus the term sunset lamp or sunset light.


Available Sunset Projection Lamps in the Market

If you know what we’re talking about – if you’ve watched it somewhere on the internet and you’re trying to get your hands on one, it is important of you to know the different types and kinds of sunset lamps.

Here are some of the most common sunrise table and projection lights you can purchase

Currently, the most popular classification of sunset lamps are:

  • Rainbow Projection Sunset Lamps

  • Halo One Lamps

  • Sunrise Floor and Table Lamps

  • Sunset Floor and Table Lamps


As of today, these are the types and the kinds of lamps that you can purchase in the market. So, if you have a lighting business or a type of organization that’s inclined to illumination, can this new trend of sunset lamps be a good addition to your business?

That brings us to our next question, which is…


Would a Sunset Lamp Be a Good Addition to Your Lighting Business?

Sunset table and sunset floor lamps are a perfect addition to your lighting business.

You can add a sunset lamp to your lighting business. They’re unique, rare, and they’re something that you will always be able to find attractive no matter what type of use you’ll have for them.

Due to some users showing sunset and sunrise lamps on TikTok, it’s becoming viral to the extent that more and more people are becoming aware of what a sunset lamp is.

All over the internet, sunset projector lamps are being scattered with some users and artsy users becoming obsessed.


Quick History and Background of Sunset Lamps

Akin to the starry light projectors, the sunset or sunrise lamps also rose to fame because of social media – because of how people, influencers, made videos and reviews about it.

It’s serene, beautiful, and it’s simply looking to the extent that it’s almost impossible to hate!

There’s no specific date and time when these sunset projection lamps and lights were manufactured. However, there have been reports that these were first manufactured and produced in Asia – particularly China.

It was just this year that it became a trend, thanks to Twitter as well as other platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. From just the regular and the traditional sunset lamps, there evolved other types and kinds of these lamps such as the halo edition, halo one edition, rainbow projection floor lamp, and many more!


What is a Rainbow Sunset Projection Floor Lamp?

Similar to sunset lamps, a rainbow sunset projection floor lamp is a type of lamp with different types, hues, and colors.

A rainbow sunset projection lamp – a lamp that contains multiple colors

It’s a “floor lamp” because the floor is what you’ll use as the platform to make the light shine, and it is deemed and called a “rainbow” because of the fact that you can use many different colors to do it.

In fact, sunset projection lamps have few varieties of color, they include, but are not limited to the following variants and colors:

  • Red Sunset (RED)

  • Sun (YELLOW)

  • Rainbow (MULTI-COLOR)

  • Sunset (ORANGE to DARK YELLOW)


What is the Halo Edition of Sunset Lamps?

From its term alone, the halo edition of sunset projection lamps is the sunset wall, table, or floor projection lamp that allows you to project different colors and hues of purple, blue, red, yellow, and gold.

Image of what the Halo Edition of sunrise table lamps look like

This edition is probably the most advanced and the most updated, as it is one of the most popular in social media.

Known to be the Mandaki light, it is the halo edition of the sunset table lamp that has a couple of different styles, colors, and gradients that you can choose from!


Is it Possible to Purchase Sunset and Sunrise Lamps Wholesale?

Yes, you will be able to buy and purchase sunrise and sunset table and floor lamps and lights wholesale and in bulk.

As a matter of fact, purchasing sunset projection table lamps and lights wholesale will bring a lot of benefits and advantages, some of which include, but are not limited to:


Lower Prices

One of the best benefits that you can get if you purchase sunset projection lamps wholesale is that you will be able to get them at the lowest and the cheapest rates and prices. Purchasing products and goods retail would usually have a huge markup on the prices.

On the other hand, if you purchase sunrise lights and lamps wholesale, the markup on the products would be lower because they’ll gain more and better profit from selling more units to you.


Better Quantities Mean Less Time Dealing With Other Supplies

Another benefit that you can get when you purchase sunset lamps in bulk is that you would not talk to a lot of suppliers, sourcing agents, and manufacturers.

When you make the purchase, your manufacturer of choice will be the only one you will ever have to talk to! If there are some manufacturers competing with whom you’re talking or speaking to, then they’ll attempt to speak and talk to you – but, it’ll be your choice!


Wider and Greater Variety of Goods and Services

Did you know that sunset lamp factories and manufacturing companies provide a wide range of goods and services for companies and organizations that go wholesale?

Unlike companies that rely on retail prices of sunset projection lamps, you can use your part of being a wholesale or a bulk client to be able to display and showcase new and improved, and updated products in the market.

You’ll have access to the goods, products, and services that aren’t even available in the market!

That is the reason why you’re better off purchasing sunset and sunrise lamps wholesale than retail!


Top Sunset Lamp Manufacturing Companies

In finding the supplier of sunset lamps and lights to work with, you would, of course, love to work with a trusted and certified manufacturer, right?

However, these sunset and sunrise projection lamps are only manufactured and produced in China.

That being said, here are the top and the best sunset and sunrise projection lamp manufacturers in the country:


Top China Sunrise and Sunset Lamp Manufacturers

Apart from well-known European, American, Japanese, and English sunset lamp manufacturers, you can also bank and count on China sunset manufacturers and suppliers if you need wholesale products.


Across the entire country, the best and the most trusted sunset lamp manufacturers and suppliers include:

  • Ningbo Anliang Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Ningbo ANPU Lighting Co., Ltd.

  • Wenzhou Lapu Co., Ltd.

  • Changsha AEDC Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Lu’an Stedi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Jiangmen Facc Technology Co., Ltd.


Out of all these options, Ningbo ANPU Lighting Co., Ltd. is deemed and is considered to be one of the best sunset lamp Manufacturing Companies. 

We’ll get to the reasons why later. For now, these are the top and the most reliable sunset projector manufacturers and suppliers in the industry!


Can You Purchase Sunset Projection Lamps in Bulk From Other Countries? Buy bulk Sunset Lamps from a Sunset Lamp Manufacturing Company:

As of the moment, you will only be able to get and purchase sunset lamps (both retail and in bulk) from Chinese manufacturers.

This is because China is the only country that houses capable and appropriate sunset lamp factories.

Only in China will you be able to find innovations and inventions like these!


Where Can You Find the Best Manufacturing Company?

While many companies and businesses from the West would want to copy the formula, Chinese sunset table and floor lamp manufacturers and suppliers are actually the most efficient, the most effective, and the most trusted.

You’ll be able to source out high-quality products from Chinese manufacturers!

Apart from the fact that you can get the lowest and the best prices from them, you could also get higher and better quality sunset and rainbow projection lamps, too!


Can You Verify and Ensure Quality From a China Sunset Lamp Manufacturing Company?

There are a couple of different ways on how you can check if a manufacturer’s particular product is legitimate or if it’s a fake or a counterfeit.

However, here are some of the best and the most recommended methodologies to verify the quality of sunset lamps before you order.


Check the Manufacturer’s Rating

Probably the easiest and the best way to check if the products of sunset projection light manufacturers are legit is to assess and evaluate their ratings.

There are a couple of different ways on how you can do this, but the most effective and the most real would be to check for reviews and ratings of other clients.

You can try to find it from their website, their social media pages, their publications, and so on.  


Assess Condition of Previous Clients

Following the action of checking and assessing their rating would be to see and fully wrap yourself around the condition of their previous clients.

Talk to their previous clients and ask about the quality of their products and services. Would they be the manufacturer you would want to work with? Will you be able to get the quality of services you’re looking for from them based on the comments of their previous clients?


Double-Check Client Retention

Nothing’s better at showing signs than having a client return and work with you again. As a business, it’s always your dream to retain and to hold a client for as long as you’re doing business – and that’s part of the goals of manufacturers too.

It might not be 100% accurate and it might not be because of good quality products, but clients that are maintained and retained by a business or an organization is a good sign.


Client Experience

It’s not true that good quality companies have bad images and a low rate of credibility; as a matter of fact, it’s the other way around. People, consumers – even business clients consider client experience and customer satisfaction as one of the main points in determining a business’s effectiveness.

If your manufacturer has good quality but bad customer service, then it’s as bad as the former being low quality.

However, if your manufacturer’s customer service and customer experience are on point and their service quality is not that good – there are tons of ways on how the latter can be improved.


How Do You Ship Sunset Lamps From China?

Ordering sunset projection tables and floor lamps from China is not as complicated as you think. As a matter of fact, there are multiple ways and methods on how you can get sunrise projection lamps from China.


Step 1: Find a Sunset Lamp Manufacturer

The very first step in shipping sunset projection lamps in bulk from China is to find a manufacturer or a supplier to work with.

You can say that it’s easy and simple, but once you experience getting messages and alerts from multiple suppliers, it’ll be difficult.

So, the first thing that you need to do is to locate the manufacturer or the supplier that you’re sure you want to work with.   (Below is the video from A SUNSET LAMP FACTORY - ANPU)

Step 2: Prepare Documents Required

After you finalize everything with your manufacturer, the next step is to ensure that all your documents and requirements are readied and prepared for the importation to take place.

NOTE: We will be listing all the documentary requirements that you need if you plan on purchasing sunset lamps from China. Not all of these would be provided by you.


Step 3: Choose the Type of Freight or Delivery

Lastly, what you would need to do in order to finalize the procedure is to select the kind and the type of delivery for your sunset table lights.

You can choose sea and air freights – if you’re situated abroad. Sea freight is the cheaper option, but you’ll not receive your package earlier than 45 days. On the other hand, air freight is more expensive. However, you’ll not wait longer than 3 weeks to receive your items.

This is the simple but easiest way of understanding how you can order or import sunset lamps and other items from a Chinese manufacturing company.

Some of the steps might go prior to the other – and others might not be included. The point is, this is the traditional framework of how a Chines manufacturing company provides its products!


What Documents Do You Need to Import Sunset Lamps From China?

If you’re planning on importing sunset floor lamps from China in bulk, you would need the following documents and requirements to be able to do so.


Air Waybill or AWB

An AWB or an Air Waybill is a document or a receipt that’s given by airlines to give evidence and proof that the goods and products have successfully been transported.


Commercial Invoice

Commercial invoices, from its term alone, are given by the exporter or the manufacturer; they’re used as a form of proof that a payment has already been made.


Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading, BOL or B/L for short, is a document that provides details of what the shipment or the package is. It’s the document that provides title t the goods and is part of the required documentation that’s provided by the shipping or the freight company.


Pro Forma Invoice

This type of document is the invoice that provides all the information about all the finality information of the shipment, like:

  • Number of products or units are shipped

  • Features and dimensions or shapes

  • Final price


Akin to the commercial invoice, the exporter or the manufacturer is the one that will provide the pro forma invoice.


Single Administrative Document (SAD)

The Single Administrative Document or the SAD is the document that’s based on the EU declarations, in countries such as Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and others.

Similar to the invoices, the SAD is a form available online, and in most cases, the sunset lamp manufacturers would be the ones to prepare and provide this.


CE & Rohs Certificate

The CE Certificate is a documentary requirement that provides compliance with rules, regulations, and practices of the European Union (EU).

This document is concerned with health, safety, and wellbeing. It’s only required for businesses and organizations that are part of the European Union.


Import and/or Export Declaration

Both the import and the export documents are prepared by both the entity that would import and the organization that would export; it’s usually required by China’s customs office and the country of where it’s going to be sent.


Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin or CO is a document that gives proof and evidence that the export of goods has been obtained, produced, manufactured, and processed.

Certificates of Origin are usually given and provided by the manufacturer or the exporter and they’re usually specific to the classification and the type of products or the goods 


Packing List

This particular document contains a list of all the goods and products that have been shipped and sent; it’s readied and prepared by the shipping or the freight company.


CITES Permit

The CITES permit is the permit that’s done to see and weigh if it’s compliant with international wildlife regulations.

For instance, if the species of what you’ll be importing and exporting is part of the list, then you need to gain this type of permit.


SAD Fumigation Certificate

This particular certificate is issued by customs authorities, as well as your country’s authorized personnel. It’s a certification that provides proof that a particular cargo or order has been properly fumigated.

NOTE: These are all the documents that you need if you plan on importing sunset projection lights from China. But, some of these will only be applicable if you are within a specific region (i.e., CE Certificate – only for businesses and organizations within the EU).

Therefore, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary documentation before you push through and proceed with the importing.


How Much Will You Need to Pay to Import Sunset Lamps Wholesale From China?

In case you’re wondering how much money you would need to import sunset table and floor projection lamps from China, don’t worry! It’s not that much and we got you!


The delivery, freight, and cargo fees would actually depend on a couple of factors, including:

  • Type and Kind of Product You’re Trying to Import

  • Amount and Count of Products and Goods

  • Location and Length of Delivery


While these wouldn’t be the same for all businesses and manufacturers, you can ask your sunset lamp manufacturer and supplier about it.


How to Get the Cheapest Prices When Importing Sunset Lamps From China

Are you not sure about how you can get the best and the most valued rates whenever you’re importing from China? Are you looking for certain techniques and tips to get the lowest rates possible?

If so, then here are a couple of tips that you can use to get the best rates and prices:


Try to Negotiate and Bargain

The number one thing that you can try and attempt to do is to negotiate and bargain to get lower and cheaper prices.

While most Chinese sunset light suppliers and manufacturers are already cheap, you can even get better value out of it if you try bargaining or negotiating with them.

Buy Sunset Lamp in one piece

(For end customers/Fans/Influencers): 

1) Buy Sunset Lamp on Amazon

Below is a list of Sunset LAMP Sellers on Amazon for your reference (Best Sellers): 

1.1) Brand: AHQ  Sunset Projection lamp, AHQ Sunset lamp LED Wall lamp nightlight Projector with USB Modern Floor Stand Night Light Living Room Bedroom Decor

1.2) Sunset Night Light Projector Lamp, 180 Degree Rotation Sunset Projection Lamp,USB Night Light Projector Lamp Floor Light Living Room Wall Decoration Projector Lamp

1.3) Sunset Projection Lamp, OCEANTREE 180 Degree Rotation USB Charging LED Lighting Projector Modern Floor Lamp, Romantic Visual LED Lights for Home Party Living Room Bedroom Wall Decor(Sunset)

1.4) ZTAQIY 2021 New Rotation Projection Lamp Rainbow Romantic Visual Led Light with USB Floor Stand Night Light Projector Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Party Decor (red)

2) Buy Sunset Lamp on Aliexpress

Below is a list of Sunset LAMP Sellers on Aliexpress for your reference (Top ranks): 

2.1) Sunset Projection Night Lights Live Broadcast Background Like Galaxy Projector Atmosphere Rainbow Lamp Decoration For Bedroom

2.2) Atmosphere Led Night Light Rainbow Sunset Projector Lamp for Home Coffe shop Background Wall Decoration USB Operate Table Lamp

2.3) USB Rainbow Sunset Red Projector Led Night Light Sun Projection Desk Lamp for Bedroom Bar Coffee Store Wall Decoration Lighting

2.4) Sunset Projector Lamp Rainbow Atmosphere Led Night Light for Home Bedroom Coffe shop Background Wall Decoration USB Table Lamp

3) Buy Sunset Lamp from Sunset LAMP Company

Below is a list of Sunset LAMP Companies for your reference: 

3.1) www.sunnsetlamp.com

3.2) https://sunlight-x.com/

3.3) https://www.sunsetlamps.co/

3.4) https://thesolarvibe.com/

3.5) https://nordicside.com/


Buy Sunset LAMP in Bulk

(For Sunset Lamp Distributors/Wholesalers/Retailers)

Nothing beats purchasing in bulk or in wholesale. Without a doubt, you will land on the cheapest and the most affordable rates you’ll see in the market! If you want to buy in bulk, go to talk with the sunset lamp factory directly, which will save you a lot of money. Make you great profit. 

Buy from Alibaba would be a great option.

Below is a list of best sellers of sunset lamp Companies on Alibaba (Top Ranks):

1) Sunset Projection Lamp Led Table Light Rainbow Morden Small Night Light for Living Room Bedroom Sunset Projector

2) Sunset Projector Lamp LED Floor Lamp Sunset Projection

3) RGBW Sunset Projection Lamp Led Sunset Light Rainbow Sunset Lamp

4) Sunset Projector Lamp LED Floor Lamp Sunset Projection


Go to a Direct Supplier

In a supply chain, vendors markup prices whenever they’re selling – so, if you go and work with a direct supplier, you can be given the assurance that you will get lower, cheaper, and more affordable rates and prices!

Purchase sunset lamps directly from factories like ours here at ANPU Lighting. Not only can we give you bulk and wholesale prices, but we’ll also guarantee the quality and the efficiency of all the products and items you need!


Where Should You Purchase Sunset Lamps in a B2B Setting?

You can find many different manufacturers and suppliers of sunset and projection lights here in China!

Many businesses and organizations think that Chinese manufacturers and suppliers only provide low and bad quality, think again!

As a matter of fact, Chinese sunset lamp manufacturers and suppliers offer a ton of good-quality products and units because they get it at the lowest and the best rates!

So, if you’re looking for sunset lamps and you’re involved in a B2B setting, don’t hesitate to work with a Chinese manufacturing company!


What Benefits Do You Get in Working With a Chinese B2B Sunset Lamp Supplier?

If you’re wondering about the benefits and advantages that you can get if you work with a B2B Chinese sunset lamp supplier and manufacturer, here are some of them:


Higher Profit Margin

Because China has lower prices and rates when it comes to labor and work, you can expect cheaper, more affordable, but more valuable rates and prices for products.

When it comes to Chinese sunset lamp manufacturing companies, you’ll expect to pay for lower rates and prices in comparison to suppliers from other countries, thanks to:

  • Low Price For Labor (As mentioned above)

  • More Sourcing Options

  • Better Competition Within the Industry

  • Less Training Costs

  • And Many More!


Some manufacturers have their own reasons, but these are the most customary of all.


Shortening of Procedures and Processes

Because of the expertise of Chinese sunset lamp manufacturers, you will never have a problem with schedule and timing!

Whenever you want your orders and your packages to be produced, you’ll be able to receive them in shorter, faster, and more urgent times!

Outsourcing your manufacturing process doesn’t have to prolong it – in fact, working with Chinese sunset lamp suppliers can shorten the process and cut lead times!


Larger Production Capability

Chinese manufacturing companies are used to providing and producing goods on a large and global scale.

Therefore, if you are going for sunset lamps and you’re looking for a manufacturer, going with Chinese sunrise table lamps and light manufacturers would be the best choice!

These are some of the advantages of choosing Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.


Which China Sunset Lamp Manufacturer and Supplier Should You Trust?

Out of all the many different sunset lamp manufacturing companies and businesses in and around China, the best and the most recommended sunset projection lamp manufacturer is none other than us here at ANPU Lighting.

We here at ANPU Lighting have the complete set of sunset and sunrise lights and lamps you need!

Nearing a decade, ANPU Lighting’s sunset and sunrise lamps are known and deemed to be the best in the market.

Thanks to our never-ending and unrelenting knowledge and skill, we are able to overtake even the longer companies and organizations in the same league!

We can also help you find out what your business or your organization needs to take in order to become certified – it’s not always about paper.

There are times when you would need a venture or a capitalist to help you with initial papers and documents; we will help you arrange all the requirements in importing sunset projection lamps from China, in finding the best ones, and many more!

To help you further comprehend why ANPU Lighting is seen and is deemed by people to be the best, here are some of the advantages and the benefits of working with us!


Why is ANPU Lighting the Best Choice For Sunset Lights and Lamps?

All across China, no other company is trusted and is banked on but us at ANPU Lighting. For decades, we’ve been the sole lamp and light manufacturing corporation trusted by tons of international clients.

Over the years, we’ve learned to innovate, expand, and enlarge our reach in the industry, experimenting on the wide variety of lights that clients might ask for.

Our company or organization holds various certifications and licenses, some of which include:

  • RoHS or the Certificate of Conformity

  • BST’s Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity


  • And Many More!

So, if you find yourself in need of a manufacturing company to trust, don’t hesitate to choose us here at ANPU Lighting for your sunset lamp B2B and wholesale needs!

Furthermore, you can get a wide variety of colors and gradients of sunset lamps from us, too! Our business isn’t just limited to the conventional yellowish-orange color, you can get red, rainbow, and other variants as well!

That’s how innovative and advanced we are here at ANPU Lighting – and that’s the reason why we’re deemed as the best and the most trusted sunset lamp wholesale manufacturer in China!  


We’ll Assist You With the Documentation

Unlike other companies and manufacturers, we here at ANPU Lighting will give you the assistance and the aid that you need in preparing and readying the documents you need.

For all the documents and the requirements that are going to be provided by the manufacturer or the exporter, you wouldn’t need to worry about it!

We will help you and we will give you the assistance needed – we’ll help you secure the forms and documents, we’ll help you accomplish it, we will be ready for all the possible backlashes, and so on!


What’s the Usual Delivery Time When Ordering Sunset Projection Lamps?

Other manufacturers and suppliers would tell you that the delivery time will actually depend on a couple of factors like the number of items or products involved, the size and the complexity, the location of your business, and so on.

However, if you choose us here at ANPU Lighting, we have