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Twinkly - Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Who manufacturers Twinkly in China?

What is Twinkly?

Twinkly is a company the offers new generation LED lights that you can control via an app.
You can consider Twinkly to be the most high-tech and the newest LED light collection available.
A lot of people consider them to be one, if not the most advanced lighting technology; what other types of lights can you control using your smartphone?
Since the time it’s introduced in the market, a lot of people went crazy about it. Along with regular Twinkly smart LED lights, there is Twinkly Pro.
Twinkly Pro is your gateway to transforming your lights, leveling them up to the next level without the need for any skills in electricity and engineering. Moreover, it is the type of LED lighting you can control using a mobile or a smartphone application.
It’s easy-to-use and it’s something you’ll definitely learn instantly.

Who Owns Twinkly

Andrea Tellatin, the current CEO of Twinkly is the one who runs the business/company. Part of what he owns is polygroup Twinkly trees.
The Polygroup group of companies is a collective business, committed to providing high and excellent quality products and services. Polygroup Twinkly trees are decorative lights that you can use for a wide variety of purposes.
You can use it for holiday-lighting, celebration-lighting, as well as other special occasions and events. Polygroup lighting consists of LEDs that can help you save energy, without compromising the quality and the effects of lighting.

Who is ANPU Lighting?

ANPU Lighting is China’s twinkly lights manufacturer.
We are the most trusted and the most relied on manufacturer in producing and in manufacturing LED and twinkly lights.
The vast selection of our products is what captured our clients’ interests. The products we offer include:
  • LED Strings
  • LED Trees
  • LED Strips
  • LED Neon
  • LED Wearings
  • Regular, Low-Volt, and Smart LED Lights
  • Motif Lighting
  • LED Rope Lights
  • Different Types of Twinkly Lights

What are Twinkly Smart Decoration Lights?

These smart TWINKLY decoration lights we offer are multicolor. It can create custom light-changing effects with the use of the smartphone app!


String LED Twinkly Lights

In addition to that, you can also synchronize it with music! ANPU’s Twinkly lights are IoT ready and you’ll never regret your decision of using them!
It’s easy-to-use and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor.

What are Twinkly Fairy Lights?

Fairy lights are small electric lights that are attached to a string.
They’re usually used for decorations, especially during the holidays.
Twinkly fairy lights are topnotch; they’re multicolor and they’re safe-to-use. You’ll find Twinkly fairy lights the only type of lights you need for decoration!
You can choose from a wide array of choices, from the regular 10-feet twinkly fairy lights, to 33-feet lights!

What are Twinkly Smart Lights?

They are Twinkly lights that you can have full and total control of using a smartphone app!
It's part of Twinkly’s intelligent lighting system that you can use on a wide variety of occasions.

What are Twinkly LED String Lights?

Twinkly’s LED string lights are the revolutionary multicolor lights that aren’t your regular strings.
The RGB colors of Twinkly’s new generation Led string lights to give a unique blend of classic and modern-day design.
The LED string lights that twinkly is offering are IP44 waterproof, which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use!
Twinkly’s LED string lights come in many different forms, among those include Moulded String Lights, PVC cable lights, rubber string lights, ball strings, icicle lights, and many more!

What are Twinkly WiFi Lights?

Most, if not all of Twinkly’s smart lights are WiFi-enabled.
Twinkly Lights you can connect to WiFi
What that means is that you can use WiFi or Bluetooth to be able to control the flow and the structure of lights that it will provide!
You can control the animations, as well as the movement of the lights quickly and easily! 

What are Twinkly xLED Lights?

They’re the unofficial control of Twinkly smart lights designed to abide by the python library.
It’s one of the newest projects that ought to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) of Twinkly.

Twinkly User Manual

Navigating and understanding Twinkly Lights will never be a walk in the park. But, setting it up and going to the initial setting isn’t actually that difficult.
Here are some of the most common questions we get about setting up, installing, and linking Twinkly Lights.

How Do I Put Twinkly Lights on a Decoration Tree?

As for how Twinkly likes to describe it, you can put it in any way you want!
There’s no specific rule on how to decorate your tree! It will depend on the design, the aesthetics, and the eye for art that you have!
In addition to that, you can also choose to use the accurate mapping procedure so you can create a map of the Twinkly lights on your tree, giving you the maximum impact you’re looking for!

Twinkly Lights Instructions on Installation

Through the mapping process, you’ll easily be able to install your Twinkly lights!
You can choose 2D Mapping, 3D Mapping (Front and Back), and Pre-lit Mapping!
Setting up your Twinkly Lights is as easy as A-B-C! Here are the steps you need to follow for it:
  1. Download the Twinkly mobile app
  2. Make sure that your lights are displayed to where you intend them to be
  3. Check the visibility of your lights; they’ll matter especially in a time when you need to use them
  4. Connect and link your Twinkly lights to your smartphone app. You can do this via the WiFi network
    1. To do this, ensure that the button that says “WiFi Networks” is enabled on your device
    2. Scan through the list of WiFi networks. You’ll see “Twinkly_XXXX”
  5. Once you find the corresponding light group, rename it
  6. By having a different and distinct name, it’ll be easy for you to navigate and to toggle it
  7. Connect your lights to your local WiFi network
  8. From the Twinkly app, go to Menu > Devices. You need to choose the Twinkly lights you have there
  9. Hit on the “Twinkly_XXXX” that you’ve seen earlier. When it refreshes, you will see that the name is actually Direct
  10. When you click on Direct, the app will carefully scan for all WiFi networks that are available
  11. If your WiFi network has a password, you’ll be required to input it, too
That’s it! That’s how easy you can set up or install Twinkly Lights! Not only that, you’re able to connect it to the network, too!

Applications of ANPU Twinkly Lights

How can you use ANPU’s Twinkly Lights?
Different types of BlingBling Lights used in various applications
What applications can you have for it? Is it only for certain occasions?
No! Twinkly Smart LED Lights are perfect for whatever ambiance you’re aiming for!
As a matter of fact, here are some of the best ways on how you can use ANPU’s Twinkly Lights to add vision and aesthetics to your home.

Twinkly Lights for Bedroom

You can use Twinkly lights to add a sense of art in your bedroom.
The vast array of colors and multifunctionality of Twinkly lights will help you add the aesthetics you need!
With smart controllers, you don’t have to ramble to find a switch!

Festive Lights Twinkly

Aside from the Twinkly lights for your bedroom, you can also use Twinkly lights for festivities!
There are Twinkly Xmas Tree Lights, which come in many forms! There’s a Pre-lit tree multicolor 500 LEDs and many more!
In addition to that, they also offer a Twinkly Xmas Lights starter pack. It’s customizable, app-controlled, and WiFi-enabled!
It’s revolutionary, and you don’t need any type of special lighting to produce the wonderful lights that would light up your holidays!

Twinkly Halloween Lights

If you thought it’s all just about Christmas, think again!
Twinkly also offers Halloween lights to add up to the spook and the design for your Halloween party!
You can choose from indoor and outdoor Twinkly String LED Lights, configure its colors – and design it for Halloween!
Twinkly’s Motif Lighting will never fail to meet whatever you’re expecting. Whether you need it for Christmas or the Holidays – or if you need it for Halloween, you’ll never regret it!

Twinkly Trees Kinds and Sizes

Apart from Twinkly’s Smart LED Lights, you can also purchase pre-lit trees!
Among the wide range of options, you have for Twinkly Trees include the following:

7.5 Ft Twinkly Christmas Tree

Twinkly’s 7.5 ft. Christmas tree is comprised of colorful 500 RGB LEDs.
Akin to other Smart LED Twinkly lights, you will be able to control it via a Bluetooth controller and WiFi. The best part about it? – You can use Alexa and Google Assistant to control it!
It offers unique effects you won’t ever see in other Smart LED Christmas trees.

9 Ft. Twinkly Tree

The 9-feet Swiss Mountain Black Spruce Tree that Twinkly has can offer special lights and decorations for the holidays.
Twinkly’s 9-ft. tree offers 6,144 PVC and PE branches that are realistic!
It features 600 RB LED lights you can control manually via the smartphone application!

7.5 Vermont Spruce Twinkly Tree

The 7.5-feet Vermont spruce Twinkly tree is complete with more than 1,434 branch tips, offering a realistic and unique look.
It has a total of 435 RGB LED lights you can control!
There are no limits on how you want your tree to light up; there are countless possibilities on how you want your Christmas tree to be!

Evergreen Classics Twinkly Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

This 7.5-feet Evergreen Classics Pre-Lit artificial tree is perfect for your dreams of having a colorful Christmas.
It contains a total of 390 pre-wired controls of the lights, you can change it to a unique style every single day!
Moreover, it also contains a pedal you can toggle if you want to turn it on or off.
Similar to all the other Twinkly Smart LED Trees, you’ll be able to control it via the app! You can connect it to WiFi or Bluetooth!

Twinkly 800 Tree

Also commonly known as the multi-sparking Christmas Tree Lights, it can guarantee you 800 Dual Color Twinkly Lights!
It has a total of nine (9) different light modes and is also waterproof! You don’t need to worry about it if you are going to place it outdoors!
You can purchase the Twinkly 800 Tree and use it in a wide variety of Christmas Tree sizes – for 6 feet, 7 feet – and even 9-feet Christmas trees!

Twinkly Decoration Lights

When it comes to aesthetics, Twinkly’s Decoration Lights will never fail you.
You can use Twinkly Decoration lights on your house, to add visuals or aesthetics to it. Yes, you can add it as a touch to your house even if there’s no occasion.
You can fill rooms with wonderful lights and add vibrant waves of dancing lights on the outskirts of your home.
Moreover, you can also use the Festoon Lights that Twinkly is offering. The classic festoon lights are perfect for in-house parties.
It’s complete with a total of 20 G45-shaped LED bulbs, all controllable via the smartphone app! You can dance and play around with how you want the lights to move, depending on the ambiance!

Twinkly Festoon Lights Reviews

Customers who purchased the Twinkly Festoon Lights were more than satisfied with what they found about the product.
Most of the reviews and the feedback revolved around the beauty of the lights.
Everyone was talking about how the lights were fantastic; how it’s easy to control, and how they were able to play around with the style – they were even surprised that it’s synchronizable to music!
All clients enjoyed and on Amazon, it got a rating of 4.6 out of 5! That’s something you can absolutely bank on!

Colors of Twinkly Lights

By now, we’d already know that the colors of Twinkly lights run in different hues.
Almost everything is multi-color, and that’s one of the many reasons why a lot of clients enjoy it. The RGB multi-color lights surprise a lot of customers on how they were able to mix it up!

What are Twinkly 250 RGB Lights?

The Twinkly 250 RGB, Multicolor Led Light String is the revolutionary LED Lights that revolutionized and changed the entire course of the industry.
Similar to other versions of the RGB Lights, the 250 RGB Lights come in highlights of the special Twinkly Lens; which also comes in matte and in flat appearances! You can also connect it to other devices such as the ever-famous Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant too!

What are Twinkly 400 LED RGB Light Clusters?

Unlike the Twinkly 250 RGB Led String Lights, the 400 LED RGB Light Clusters are the most advanced and the subtlest decorations you can have in your home.
If the LED Strings give you that glowing feeling because of their continuous ray-of-light, the 400 RGB LED Clusters can get you the non-tangy design you’ve always wanted.
It’s a Generation II RGB, and can also be used for both indoor and outdoor – because it’s IP44 protected.
You can purchase it because the electric wires come in either Green or Black Wires. And, for the cherry on top of the icing, it’s eligible and applicable to WiFi and Bluetooth, too!

What are 600 LED RGB Multicolor Lights?

The Twinkly 600 LED RGB Multicolor Lights is similar to that of the 250 RGB Lights; do you know what the only difference is? – The number of lamps in the product.
It also offers the same features, but it can give you more of the light that you want.
In fact, each lamp is 4.3 mm! You can use it to score and design the outside or the exterior of your home, or within the interior!
Yes, it’s water and snow-proof too! With it being IP44-rated, it means that you will be able to use it outside!
Those are just some of the most common and the most popular Twinkly RGB Lights you can purchase.
Others would just have different numbers of bulbs, but all of them have the same features of being IP44 rated, being durable, and the ability to be controlled by a smartphone!
It does have a controller, but you can use the Twinkly smartphone app to control and manipulate the modification and the dancing of the lights.

How Many Twinkly Lights Do I Need?

The number of Twinkly lights you’ll need will depend on the type of design you want.
But, you always have to put in mind that LED Lights can be toggled and controlled, especially with the light it emits.
So, for instance, if you plan on purchasing a Twinkly 200 RGB LED String Light and you initially thought you need something that can produce more light, toggle it first; it might just be what you need.

What Twinkly Lights Can You Purchase?

For this purpose, we’ve lined up the different types and kinds of Twinkly Lights for moderate decoration.
An example of BlingBling Lights you can purchase.
To help you, you can actually choose from the following options:

ANPU: 250 LEDs and 125 LEDs

ANPU is a Chinese LED light manufacturing company that can offer wattage options of 125 and 250 for their LEDs.
The Twinkly Lights we’re offering here at ANPU will cater to the lighting needs you have! We’ll discuss more the lights we have here at ANPU Lighting.

Twinkly Tree 600 Lights

It’s the Pre-Lit Twinkly Tree with a bulb-count of 600 LEDs, arranged, surrounding the tree.
You can use and fit it perfectly for the holiday season! It’s inexpensive, highly optimizable, and controllable – you can connect to both Bluetooth and WiFi!

Twinkly Strings 225 LED

Other than the usual 200 and 400 string lights, you can also purchase 225 LED Twinkly String Lights!
Packed with multicolored lights, you’ll be able to easily control it using the app! It contains about 225 LED lights, each surrounded by a protective body.
It’s IP44 rated, meaning, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.
Do you know what’s cool about it? You can use it for more than 30,000 hours, continuously! Meaning, it can last years if you don’t break it! Especially if you have it turned on just about 5 to 6 hours per day – you do the math!

Twinkly Lights 400 Special Edition

Twinkly lights wouldn’t be special if it didn’t have special edition LED String Lights.
The 400 Twinkly Special Edition LED String Lights is complete with over 16 different patterns! Akin to the other types and kinds of LED Strings, the Twinkly Lights 400 Special Edition is also IP44 rated, and its bulbs are also finished in a matte type of clear lens.

Twinkly Icicle 190

Adding to the list of the special edition lights, the Twinkly Icicle 190 Special Edition LEDs are complete with more than 50 LED drops with several patterns.
You can connect it to both WiFi and Bluetooth, and has an IP44 rating. Since it’s labeled “icicle,” it can create the image of icicles if you decide to place it on the exterior of your home!

Twinkly 100 LED Smart Lights

This pack of 100-stringed multicolor RGB LED Smart Lights is the first-ever type of Twinkly Lights capable of being digitally-controlled.
You can find them finished in a flat, matte-like texture. Its bulbs are wall weatherproof, giving you the feeling of safety and security even if you place and install it on the outskirts of your home.

Twinkly 105 LED Starter Set

Its name gives it away – the Twinkly 105 LED Starter Set is the ideal Twinkly Lights for those who are beginning investing in the area of Twinkly Lights.
It’s multicolor, with all of its lights being capable of manually controlling via the application. In addition to that, it’s also IP44 rated with a weight of 12.8 ounces.

Twinkly 150 Lights

You might find it weird or awkward to have a set of String RGB LED Lights that are within the 150-count, but that’s it’s not!
In fact, it gives off a better impression in comparison to the 100-string LED RGB Lights because of the added bulbs and wattage.
You’ll find its properties and its animations to be the same as how the Twinkly 100 Lights function.

Twinkly 2nd Generation: How is it Different From the 1st Generation of Twinkly Lights?

A lot of you may be wondering how the 1st and the 2nd Generation of Twinkly Lights differ.
For one, Twinkly Generation 2 offers a new controller with added features that contribute better to the design, performance, and functionality of the lights.
Apart from that, the other improvements that Twinkly 2nd Generation Lights have to include:
  • Expanded memory of the application
  • Developed bugs and enhancement on the performance
  • Easier connectivity and linking to your WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Thinner but brighter and more durable bulbs and lamps
NOTE: All the features of Twinkly’s 2nd Generation lamps are also available for use in 1st Generation products.

Versions of Twinkly Lights

Did you know that there are two (2) versions of Twinkly Lights?
Yes, Twinkly Lights aren’t just limited to just one category. In fact, you can choose from Twinkly Lights and Twinkly Pro lights.
What’s their difference? – That’s what we’ll be discussing with you right now.

Twinkly vs. Twinkly Pro

Now that you know what the differences are between Twinkly Generation 1 and Generation 2, do you know the differences between the regular Twinkly and Twinkly Pro?
If Twinkly already amazed you with what you can do with it, you’ll be much more amazed at the enhancements and the developments of Twinkly Pro.
You can think of Twinkly Pro as the “buffed-up” version of Twinkly, allowing you to map it using your smartphone camera!
To set it up, you just have to 1) install the Twinkly Lights to your tree or to wherever you want it; 2) map the lights using your smartphone camera; 3) choose and play the effects you want!


Twinkly Pro Controller

Twinkly Pro Controllers also come in three (3) different types:
  • 400 WiFi
  • 1000 ETH
  • 1500 ETH
These controllers will be like the AVR or the source of your lights. It’s “THE” control box that you’ll see in the midlines of the lights and the plug – it’s what you’ll need to be able to manage the lights.

Is There a Twinkly Gen 3?

As of writing, the most recent and the latest version of Twinkly is the Twinkly Generation II or the 2nd Gen Twinkly.
No news about the 3rd Generation of Twinkly has been out yet.

Twinkly Pro Curtain Lights

Adding to the fun, there also are Twinkly Pro Curtain Lights; and it’ll be the best curtain decoration you will ever see – that’s a guarantee!
Similar to the different types and kinds of String Lights, there are also Special Edition Curtain LEDs, bringing you the curtain effects you’ve always dreamed of to reality.
They’re dubbed and labeled as curtain lights because you can attach and use them to light up and decorate the curtains you have in your home!
Offered and complete with over 16 million different designs and patterns, you will never experience a shortage of the designs and the colors you want and need! 

Twinkly Pro App

In using Twinkly Pro, you need the app in order to control and successfully manage it.
The Twinkly Tree Mobile App is available and downloadable both for iOS and Android devices, giving you the versatility and the flexibility you’ve always wanted!
You can use it for grouping and complex installations via your camera; for mapping, with its updated and state-of-the-art technology; customization of the lights and how you want it to appear; and many more!

Twinkly Google Home Assistant

In case you want something else more than the application, you can also use the Twinkly Google Home Assistant.
Akin to the Twinkly Pro App, you can also download it on both Android and iOS devices. You can accomplish utilizing Twinkly with Google Assistant by following these steps:
  1. Download the Twinkly App
  2. Connect the Twinkly App and Lights to your WiFi Network
  3. Download Google Assistant
  4. Once finished, open the Google Home Assistant App
  5. Find Twinkly Skill >Add to Google Assistant
  6. Log in with your credentials using your Twinkly account

Twinkly Voice Commands

What’s the purpose of using Google Home Assistant if you wouldn’t use its voice capabilities?
The list of commands available for Twinkly Google Assistant includes:
  • [Google Initiation or OK Google] Turn Twinkly On
  • [Google Initiation or OK Google] Turn Twinkly Off
  • [Google Initiation or OK Google] Set Twinkly Brightness at “%”
  • [Google Initiation or OK Google] Set Twinkly to Red, Yellow, and/or Blue

Connecting Twinkly Lights?

A lot of new Twinkly Light users might find it a challenge to connect or set up Twinkly Lights. But there’s not a problem in connecting it!

How Do I Connect Twinkly Lights to WiFi?

Out of all the different devices, methods, and programs you can do – the first step of those would involve connecting your Twinkly Lights to WiFi.
Here’s how you can connect or link Twinkly to your WiFi:
NOTE: if you’re using Twinkly Generation II, you wouldn’t be able to use Bluetooth. Therefore, you need this guide.
TWINKLY GREEN LIGHT ON CONTROLLER: Before performing this, ensure that you’ve already set up a direct connection using your Twinkly. Your controller must be producing a Green Light; it’s the sign you need that it’s already on your network.
There are three (3) ways on how you can achieve this: 1) App Launching; 2) Automatic Device Adding; and 3) Manual Device Adding

Launching the App

The first and arguably the easiest way on how you can connect it to WiFi is by launching the app.
Upon doing so, it’ll work its way to scan for the available devices automatically. What’s better is that it contains a guide that you just need to follow – it’ll give you a button that says “Use Your WiFi.”

Automatic Adding

If that doesn’t work, you need to initiate the next procedure, which employs toggling the app:
  1. Open the Twinkly app and go to Main Menu
  2. From there, hit on Devices >Add a New Device
  3. What this does is it would automatically look and scan for different devices that are available within the network
  4. From there, you’ll be able to see the option that says “Use Your WiFi”

Manual Adding

Should you not be successful with automatic adding, the last resort would be to add it manually.
  1. Open and access the Twinkly app and proceed to Main Menu
  2. From there, select Devices > Your Twinkly Device
  3. Your device should show up with a green icon or indicator
  4. In case you don’t see that from the list or if it’s a greyed-out icon, you need to ensure that your Twinkly device is connected directly to the network
  5. Hit on the gear icon or the “Settings” on the far-right hand side of the panel of your Twinkly device 
  6. Next, scan for all the networks that are available
  7. You need to select the network where your Twinkly is connected at
  8. Type the password in and hit on Connect
  9. If done successfully, you’ll see that you’ve successfully connected your Twinkly to your WiFi network!
As you can see, it’s that easy! You just have to follow the guided steps that the Twinkly application would tell you!

How Do You Set Up Twinkly Lights?

Setting up or configuring Twinkly Lights isn’t hard! You just have to follow these steps:
  1. Properly install the lights to the location where you want it to appear
  2. It can be whatever design or preference you choose. However, it’s important to note that all of the bulbs or the LEDs are visible
  3. Download the Twinkly app and create an account
  4. Ensure that you’re connected to your home or office WiFi (where you want to set it up)
  5. Once you have an account, open it. It’ll start to look for Twinkly devices
  6. Choose the controller you’re using – follow the instructions written within the app
  7. Find the network where you’re connected.
    1. NOTE: It will automatically connect to what it thinks the strongest WiFi signal is. However, that’s not always correct. So, you need to manually select the network you want to connect to.
  8. Lastly, check if you have the most updated firmware. “Skip” the mapping process first, you can always go back to that later. To do this:
    1. Tap on “Devices”
    2. Choose the Gear Icon or “Settings” you can see either on the bottom right or the top right of your device
    3. Check if your firmware is updated. You’ll know that it’s not if there’s an exclamation point (!) next to the firmware category
That’s how you easily set up your Twinkly Lights!

How Do You Connect Twinkly Lights to Alexa?

Apart from the Google Assistant and other forms of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), you can also choose to connect your Twinkly Lights to your Alexa-enabled device!
Before the steps, you need to ensure that:
  • You have an Alexa-enabled device and that it’s connected within the same network as your Twinkly and your smartphone
  • You have accounted for both Twinkly and Amazon Alex
  • The firmware version of your Twinkly device is the latest and the most updated
Now that you have all of those in place, you’ll be able to connect your Twinkly to Alexa through these steps:
  1. Access your Amazon Alexa application
  2. Locate “Twinkly Skill,” and configure it
    1. You can find it in the part where it says “Lights > Others…”
  3. Using your Twinkly credentials, log-in to your Twinkly account via Amazon Alexa
Similar to the Google Assistant, you can also use Alexa’s voice commands to toggle or control your Twinkly Lights.
You just have to make sure that you set them up properly!

How Do You Reset Twinkly Lights?

Resetting your Twinkly Lights isn’t rocket science. Just follow these steps and you will reset your Twinkly lights in no time.
  1. Unplug your Twinkly Lights
  2. Press and hold the WiFi controller for about three (3) seconds; plug the lights back in again
  3. Your lights will have color transitions; just hold it down until you see that the lights become a solid red color
  4. When they turn red and steady, release the button from the controller
That’s it! It’s simple, easy, and you don’t have to be an expert to do it!

What’s the Twinkly Default Password?

Your Twinkly devices and lights wouldn’t have passwords, and in case you’re confused with it as well, don’t worry!
In the setup process, the only password you’ll need would be the password for your Twinkly Account & the password for the WiFi network (if it doesn’t connect automatically).
There’s no default Twinkly password – unless it’s for your Twinkly account or for your WiFi network.

Troubleshooting Twinkly

Twinkly Lights isn’t perfect – just as how other types of LED lights are.
In fact, there are quite a lot of people that experience problems with it! The most common ones would be that Twinkly won’t connect to the WiFi network.
Either it’s not showing up, the Twinkly device/s isn’t/arenot found, and those of the same kind, it usually just boils down to a few things.
You can perform the following things if you’re having trouble connecting your Twinkly to the Wi-Fi network or if it can’t be found.
  1. Power cycle the modem or the router from where the Twinkly Lights are connected
  2. If it’s still not working, check for any obstruction like walls, objects, etc. If there are any, remove any obstruction that could be blocking the receptors from traversing to and fro the Twinkly Lights to the network
  3. Try moving the Twinkly Lights closer to the modem or router
  4. If it still doesn’t work, forget the network within the Twinkly app
  5. Lastly, you can choose to reset the Twinkly Lights

Twinkly is Offline (Won’t Turn On)

Your Twinkly Lights not turning on can be caused by a lot of different reasons. It could be because of the bulb fixture, it could be because of wear-and-tear, or it could be with the system.
The proper way on how you can troubleshoot your offline Twinkly Lights would be:
  1. Reset your Twinkly Lights – it could be something with how it’s connected
  2. If you can, power cycle your modem or your router, too
  3. Once done, unplug the Twinkly Lights from the socket. Make sure that the controllers take rest, too for about 3 to 5 minutes
  4. Then, plug the entire set or kit of Twinkly Lights back in
  5. Test it out
  6. If it still doesn’t work, check on the bulbs. Most Twinkly Light packages come with extra bulbs
  7. Replace the bulbs and perform steps 2 to 5 again
  8. In case that doesn’t work, contact Twinkly’s customer service department
Those are the most common problems that you might experience with Twinkly Lights. However, it isn’t just limited to that – there could be others.
But, Twinkly’s unnerving and excellent customer service team and the department is always ready and prepared to help you with whatever you need!

Enabling Music For Twinkly

You might have already known this but for the benefit of those who don’t have an idea about it, you can actually enable music with your Twinkly Lights!
Sounds, beats, and vibrations can actually be added and synchronized to your lights!
With Twinkly Music Sync, you wouldn’t have to think about or worry about the source of the sound. Twinkly will use your smartphone’s microphone; it’s where the sounds are picked up.
You read it right! You can use Spotify, your own music, YouTube Music, etc. to connect and be synchronized with Twinkly!
Setting it up for first-time use.
  1. When you have your lights arranged, connect the dongle to a power source. Make sure that it’s within the range of a sound station
  2. Access the Twinkly app and carefully follow the guide. Make sure that you wait for the light to turn into a stagnant cyan color – while keeping the button pressed
  3. Both Twinkly Music and Twinkly Lights must be connected to the same network
  4. From the app, open the Control Center – turn Twinkly Music on
  5. Press on the dongle when everything’s complete!
NOTE: You can also change the driver depending on what you want! For simpler commands, you can press the dongle.
If you have it connected to AI assistants, you can do voice commands for it, too!

How to Map Twinkly Lights

Mapping is simply the procedure of establishing a map or a system for your lights.
With Twinkly, mapping 2D lights is different from mapping 3D lights. Here’s how you can map each of them.

2D Mapping Process

Mapping 2D lights are best for instances where the lights are just on a single floor.
This is because the algorithm would help in the identification of the positions of the LEDs that are on both the back and the sides of the holder.
  1. Download the Twinkly app
  2. From there, access the layout menu and accept the permissions that are required during the application process. This gives access to your smartphone’s camera
  3. Select 2D Mapping
  4. You’ll then see that the lights will start to dance around for a few seconds to a minute.
  5. Then, you will notice that the mapping ends when the lights get fixed in just a single color.
In case you’re not contented with how it was mapped, a pop-up message will appear. You can click on the option that says Poor Results, you might be given the chance to redo it.

3D Mapping Process

Now that you know how you can perform 2D mapping, let’s head onto 3D mapping. For 3D mapping, just go on with the following steps:
  1. Download the Twinkly app (if you don’t have it yet)
  2. Navigate towards the layout menu. Accept permissions if you haven’t yet.
  3. Click on Mapping, then select 3D Mapping
  4. Unlike 2D mapping, the 3D mapping will guide you in terms of scanning various sections of the installation.
It’s important to take note that in 3D mapping, the LEDs will appear in different colors; which correspond to the following statuses:
    • This is the symbol that the LEDs are recognized in full-angle and in a 3-D way.
    • Yellow signifies that the LEDs are recognized twice by the camera.
    • Orange means that the LEDs are recognized for the first time (in both coordinates) by the camera.
  • RED
    • Lastly, red means that they’re not recognized yet; or they do not have spatial coordinates.
See? You don’t have to be an electrical expert to be able to map 2D or 3D Lights!

Mapping Pre-Lit Trees

Because they’re pre-lit trees, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.
You will get advanced 3D mapping! All you have to do is follow the guide on how you can perform 2D mapping and you’re all set!

How to Reset Twinkly Mapping

In case you want to start anew, you can always perform a reset of your Twinkly Light’s mapping.
You can also do this in the event that you experience any problems between the local WiFi and Twinkly.
To perform this, just follow these steps:
  1. The first step is to carefully unplug the Twinkly Lights from the power socket
  2. In the controller, press and hold the button there. While holding, plug the lights back in
  3. After a few seconds, you’ll see the Twinkly Lights turn red
  4. Release the button on the controller when it does
  5. Simultaneously, you’ll notice the light indicator on the controller to blink green again
  6. That’s when you know that you were able to reset the mapping on your Twinkly Lights
As you can see, you don’t actually need to be an IT expert, nor do you have to be an electrician to get this going!

How to Update Twinkly Firmware

A firmware is a type of software that has been programmed, making any type of hardware work.
Without firmware, hardware or a device wouldn’t be able to run. When it comes to Twinkly Lights, your firmware needs to be updated in order for your hardware to function properly.
Here are the steps you can take to update your Twinkly Light’s firmware:
  1. From the Twinkly app, go to Devices
  2. Once you toggle to that option, you’ll see a lot of other categories such as Name, Model, LED Profile, etc. What you want to do is to locate “Firmware”
  3. In that category, you will see the version of the Firmware that’s currently installed.
  4. You’ll know when to update when you see an icon that tells you that an update is available. By then, you will be able to see and tap on the “update firmware” button.
  5. Launching it will cause your system to reboot. NEVER ATTEMPT TO TURN IT OFF OR TO CLOSE THE APP.
After you do that, you’re all set!
You’ve now updated the version of your firmware! It’s that easy! You don’t need to do anything else!

What if I Don’t See the Update Firmware Option?

So you want to perform a Firmware update but the icon is not showing up? The issue is simple – you’re Firmware is still up-to-date!
You’re not seeing the icon or the button that says “update firmware” because your device would still function properly even with the current Firmware version!
Updating the Firmware isn’t something you can do voluntarily. You can think of it as a pass in order for your device to work; just like how smartphones, laptops, and other devices function.

Countries Where You Can Purchase Twinkly Lights

While there’s Amazon for Twinkly Lights, there are only selected countries where you can directly purchase Twinkly Lights.
There are Twinkly Lights Australia, Twinkly Lights Canada, and Twinkly Lights U.K. If you live in these countries, you’re in for a treat!
How about people who want Twinkly Lights that are not in those countries? Well, there are some alternatives you can choose to go with!
That leads us to our next question, which is…

Where Can I Purchase Twinkly Lights?

If you’re so misfortunate to not dwell or reside in the countries where Twinkly is available, don’t fret!

Amazon and Best Buy

You can actually purchase Twinkly Lights on Amazon and in Best Buy! Yes, you can buy Twinkly Lights and Trees on that site and in that location. Just search for the specific type of lights you want and you’ll be able to order them!
NOTE: If your country doesn’t transact or do business with Amazon, don’t frown upon it! You can have other alternatives for it, too!


Do you live in the U.S. and you want a piece of Twinkly Lights on your home? Don’t worry, Walmart is also offering Twinkly Lights!
Just head to your local Walmart and inquire there! Did you know that in the United States alone, there are almost 4,800 Walmart stores?
There are multiple ones in each city, so don’t worry if your local Walmart doesn’t have what you need!
In fact, you can try out searching for the next store on the list, and that is…

Home Depot

Home Depot is a well-renowned store where you can purchase a lot of goods for your home. You can also try the local Home Depot that you have because you can buy Twinkly Lights in Home Depot as well!
Wherever you are in the world, there’s a Home Depot there – that’s a guarantee. But what if your local Home Depot doesn’t offer the Twinkly Lights that you’re looking for?
If you’re not in a bit of luck, you can also buy Twinkly in the following ways:
  • eBay
  • YouTube
The only problem would be the stock. Twinkly Lights are big right now and you might not be able to get the exact type of LED lights you need.
What do you do? Are there Twinkly Light alternatives that can offer the same quality and functionality? Yes – there are!

Twinkly Alternatives

So you don’t live in a location where you can locally purchase it… or in the event that you’re out of budget and you wouldn’t be able to afford Twinkly Lights for the holidays, there are a couple of good alternatives to it.

ANPU Smart LED String

ANPU also offers a great deal of LED String lights for those who want a cheaper version of Twinkly lights.
We offer a wide variety of LED string lights; we have invisible LED string lights, LED strip lights, and many more!
You can browse through the array of Smart LED String lights we offer via our website!

BlingBling or ACCKIP

Similar to ANPU, BlingBling also offers state-of-the-art LED bulbs and lights you can use for decorations!
Whether you want it to add vibe to your bedroom – or if you want to decorate your home for an occasion, you can use it too!
ACCKIP, a Smart products company, is also a business you can trust. They offer developments in both the industrial and the domestic setting.
With ACCKIP, you’ll no longer have to doubt the quality of Smart products. They’ve been tried and tested and they never failed!
There will never be a shortage of the lights you need, especially if you go with ANPU’s Smart LED String Lights! Whether you need Smart LED Twinkly Trees, a Pre-Lit Tree, or rope wearing lights, we got you!

BlingBling as Twinkly Alternative

Akin to what Twinkly is, you can also download the BlingBling app via the Google Play Store and the App Store.
This app would be what you’ll need to control and to modify the movement of your decorative lights.
Using the BlingBling app, you can also do what you can do with Twinkly. You can:
  • Set up and map the lighting depending on how you need it
  • Check and observe the lights, direct it in terms of which way you want it to light up
  • Set a timer for the lights
  • And many more!
BlngBling is Twinkly’s best alternative if you’re looking for the same features and functionalities.

Why Trust ANPU Lighting?

With our tagline “Keep Shining, Keep Running,” all our clients would know that we’re all for the betterment of your experience.
We’ve amassed tens and thousands of clients in our experience, and we’ve been trusted by companies and organizations from all around the world, too!
And in our time in the industry, never did we fail to meet – or even exceed the demand of our clients!
  • We’re a certified company across different safety and quality standards
  • Our team is equipped with the best electrical engineers and technical experts
  • We’ve held multiple projects in international destinations such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Russia, Portugal – among others
  • And we continue to grow and to provide quality lighting to our clientele
Unlike Twinkly Lights, you will be able to get the lighting that you need from us wherever you are in the world.
ANPU’s Twinkly Lights will absolutely answer all the requirements you need for motif lighting, decorative lighting, casual domestic lighting, and many more!
Reach out to us and get a free quote for the Twinkly Lights that you’re looking for! Get it from ANPU Lighting – get it for a considerate and competitive rate!
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