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Ningbo ANPU LIGHTING Co. Ltd. was established in 2010.

Keeping developing and growing in this LED Lighting filed from the beginning. 


Our main business partners are project contractors, online resellers, and offline stores.

Our mission is to "Help customers growing! Make customers` business bigger!"

With your support, we will have the energy to shake the earth! Thanks for joining us!

Sell materials with guides

With our long experience in this field. We can give you guides on materials. Not only selling you the materials. Hope it will help your business!

We can send you videos to guide you how to connect materials yourself, if you only buy materials. 

Our Advantages

Customize your whole project

We can customize your whole project. Not only for one sculpt, for your whole landscape decoration. We have made many successful projects for different governments, enterprises and thousands of houses. 

Trust us, and trust yourself! We can make it successfull together!

Make a sculpture with your idea

If you have no idea on how to make your projects. You can just share your ideas with budget, shape, requirements, and so on. We can give your serval proposals for your option. 


Such as, you want to build a ball or an umbrella, a rainbow, a tree, an animal, and so on. Let us make it come true!  

Customize Your Idea!
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