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Amy is in charge of international sales in ANPU Since 2010. 

Contact her right away to talk about your idea. Let`s make it come true!

Contact Co-founder

Amy Liu
+86 1886890 4989
Whatsapp and Wechat are using 
the above same number. 
Contact Co-founder Amy
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Ningbo Office
Ningbo office: Add: #655-77, Qiming Road, Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China 
R&D team is in Ningbo. Mainly design and develop customized products for customers. 

Co-founder Wanxi and Mr. Weng are in charge of it. 
ningbo office.JPG

Ningbo Office

Wuhan Office
Wuhan Office: #206, E Building, International Trade Center, Honghan, Wuhan, Hubei Province. 
Xiaogan is Amy`s hometown, which is near Wuhan. That`s why we have an office in Wuhan. 

The sales team is mainly in Wuhan. 

And ANPU`sNeon sign dropshipping is in Wuhan. Since cheap labor in Mid- China. 

Wuhan Office

Wuhan Office.png
Wuhan Neon Sign Production factory (4).JPG
Wuhan Neon Sign Production factory (1).jpg
Wuhan Neon Sign Production factory (2).jpg
Zhongshan Office

Zhongshan Office:

Zhongshan Office: #56, Qiyang Rd, Guzhen, Guangdong Province.  

Mr. Li & Mr. Liu (Amy Liu`s brother) are in charge of the production. He owns 2000 000 square meters park with all kinds of landscape lighting. When you come to China, please ask us to bring you there to experience the real projects. You will find the most outstanding landscape lighting there. It will inspire you on how to make your project. 

Most landscape lighting is produced in our brother`s factory. We make the design and proposals, they produce them. 
ANPU also cooperates with several factories in Mid-China cities. The customer gives an idea to ANPU, and ANPU makes proposals with our designers. Then our cooperated factory makes ANPU`s proposals come true. 

For projects and customized products, always need very experienced designers, engineers, and high-efficiency sales teams. The factory only can produce it according to the realized proposal. How to make the idea come true is always the most complicated process. That`s what we are good at! 
To be a Distributor

Be our Distributor, let`s support you, protect you, and make you earn money!

As you can see, we only do LED lighting applications. 
Become our distributor, let`s make you earn money!

We will sign a distributor agreement with you, to support your business. (Distributor Support and ANPU Purchase Agreement)
If for a certain market, you are big enough. We would like to sign the exclusive agreement with you! (Exclusive agency agreement)
For customized products, we would like to sign an NNN agreement with you. (NON-DISCLOSURE NON-USAGE NON-COMPETITION AGREEMENT)

Contact us now, let`s support you!
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