Fireplace Lantern – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Fireplace lanterns are great additions to your home or to your office! And we here at ANPU Lighting are more than ready and prepared to get you the exact styles and designs of the fireplace lanterns you need! 

What Are Fireplace Lanterns? 

They’re basically lanterns that are shaped in the likes of a fireplace

YAKii Rectangle Fireplace Lantern.png

It became popular when Chinese lantern and lighting manufacturers and suppliers came up with this idea as an alternative to real-life fireplaces. 

ANPU Lighting is China’s top fireplace lantern manufacturer. It’s with our company that you can get high-quality fireplace lanterns wherever you are in the world! 

Decorative Fireplace Lanterns 

Several light manufacturing companies are innovating on the creation of decorative fireplace lanterns. 

Figure 2 ΓÇô Decorative Fireplace Lanterns.jpg

The reason for these types and kinds of lanterns is that they’re more fashionable than the regular fireplace lantern. Instead, they offer a more scenic and a more alluring design that would perfectly fit to any type of space or area. 

There are multiple sources where you can purchase decorative fireplace lanterns. You can purchase them from Amazon, AliExpress, Wayfair, and even Etsy! The problem in purchasing it from them is that you wouldn’t be able to work directly with a manufacturer. 

If you’re aiming to work with a direct fireplace manufacturing company, work with us here at ANPU Lighting! We can offer you the best and the highest quality of fireplace lanterns without compromising the quality! 

Fireplace Lantern Decors 

You’ll find tons of ideas for the fireplace lantern décor you’re looking for from Pinterest. Hundreds, if not, thousands of ideas and styles of fireplace lantern decors are there! 

Figure 3 ΓÇô Fireplace Lantern Decors.jpeg

Other than Pinterest, there are other avenues to which you can get fireplace lantern decors. You can check websites like craftwarehouse, ChristmasCentral, firstdayofhome, alamy, Etsy, and others! 

And, if you’re looking to get fireplace lantern decors, you’ll surely get what you’re looking for with us here at ANPU Lighting! We can create custom fireplace lantern decors that you can use for your home, for your office, and even in other commercial areas, too! 

Tabletop Fireplace Lantern 

ANPU Lighting also offers tabletop fireplace lanterns. From the term alone, they’re lanterns that you usually set on top of a table. 

Figure 4 ΓÇô Tabletop Fireplace Lantern.jpg

These fireplace lanterns are usually set on top of living room tables to project the feel and the idea that a fireplace is present and existent in a given living space. 

You’ll find all types of this and more when you work with us here at ANPU Lighting! 

Tabletop LED Fireplace Lantern 

Other than regular lanterns, ANPU Lighting can also offer LED tabletop fireplace lanterns. 

Figure 5 ΓÇô Tabletop LED Fireplace Lantern.jpg

Akin to how you can purchase these regular lanterns from us, we can also accentuate the look of your LED tabletop fireplace lanterns by adding a bit of texture and depth to it. 

You don’t have to worry, our pool of versatile and experienced experts are more than happy and ready to help you with what you need! 

Realistic Fireplace Lantern 
Figure 6 ΓÇô Realistic Fireplace Lantern.jpg

While most of these fireplace lanterns are not authentic, we, at ANPU Lighting, can offer the best and the most realistic fireplace lanterns you’ll ever see! 

You can use our products for both indoor and outdoor applications, and it’s perfect for any occasion that requires it. 

Installing it is easy, and you don’t have to sweat on it! It’s operable via a USB port and cable, which is readily available in most, if not all households today! 

Battery Operated Fireplace Lantern 

ANPU Lighting is also a good fireplace lantern that’s run and equipped with batteries. 

Figure 7 ΓÇô Battery Operated Fireplace Lantern .png

The benefit of purchasing battery operated fireplace lanterns is that you will not worry about it turning off. 

And just because they’re labeled battery-operated fireplace lanterns don’t mean you can’t plug them to a wall outlet directly – you can! As a matter of fact, the battery power is just a backup if you’re going to place it to a location where the main power source is far! 

You can get all battery-operated fireplace lanterns without any problems with us here at ANPU Lighting! We can even customize your lanterns so that you get the most precise and the most accurate designs possible! 

Fireplace Lantern Heaters 

If you thought that these fireplace lanterns are just for show, think again! Most fireplace lanterns actually offer heat at a particular diameter around it. 

Figure 8 ΓÇô Fireplace Lantern Heaters.jpeg

So, you can consider it as a fireplace, but, it does not emit or produce real fire. 

Note, though, that not all fireplace lanterns are capable of doing this. There are cheap lanterns that’s primary purpose is to project display. 

To give you an idea, these heater-fireplace lanterns would cost around $100 to $200 per lantern. Those that you can purchase for $90 and below might not be as useful and as effective as you might think. 

Regardless of what you need, ANPU Lighting is the key to your dilemma! We have a vast library of fireplace lanterns and you will not experience any shortage of it, too! Shoot us a quick message and we’ll be right with you in the fastest and most urgent ways we can! 

Fireplace Lantern Ideas 

Planning to make a DIY fireplace lantern and you’re looking for ideas? 

Figure 9 ΓÇô Fireplace Lantern Ideas.png

There are a lot of people sharing their thoughts and their insights about fireplace lantern on Pinterest! You can find what you may be looking for there! 

In addition to that, you can also try out digsdigs, Etsy, theglossynet, and many more! 

And in case you thought DIY fireplace lanterns aren’t possible, they are! In fact, here’s a quick tip on how you can create and produce your homemade or DIY fireplace lantern… 

DIY Fireplace Lantern 

If you’re creating a homemade fireplace lantern, don’t expect it to be as heat-emissive as those that you purchase from fireplace lantern suppliers. 

Figure 10 ΓÇô DIY Fireplace Lantern.jpeg

You may be able to get the shape, dimensions, and the color, but, you might not be able to achieve heating effects. 

Materials You’ll Need: 

For this procedure, you’ll need: 

⦁    Plywood 
⦁    Plexiglass or Acrylic Glass
⦁    Wood Glue
⦁    Firewood or Charcoal (For Design) 
⦁    LED Flame Light 
⦁    Rotating Mechanism 
⦁    Aluminum Sheet 
⦁    Circuit Board

Now that you know the things you need to create it, let’s discuss the process on how you can make and create one! 

Procedure of Creating DIY Fireplace Lantern 

⦁    The first thing you need to do is to form and cut the frame of your fireplace lantern, in this case, it’ll be plywood. Create the four (4) small sides; and make sure they’re all equal. 

⦁    After that, the next thing to do is to cut out the plexiglass. The plexiglass will be the part or the component that will stand as the cover or the front part of your fireplace lantern. So, it’ll be wise to base it according to the measurement of the four (4) plywood parts.

⦁    The next thing you want to do is glue the three pieces of plywood together. You want to shape and form it as if you’re creating a box but you’re missing one (1) plywood to create the entirety. You’ll place the fourth (4th) plywood at the bottom, which will serve as the base of those three (3) plywood pieces. 

⦁    Then, what you want to do next is to cut out multiple pieces that have flame-like shapes and forms out of the aluminum sheet that you have. Use a small stick to hold them together, so that their shadows would form like a flame.

⦁    Link and connect this stick with the shapes into the rotating mechanism, while the mechanism is soldered and integrated to the circuit board. This will serve as the mechanism that will turn and rotate the shapes.

⦁    Next, integrate and put the LED flame light into the scene. You need to position it directly below the rotating flame-like pieces so that it shadows up above it successfully. 

⦁    Once done, test out if it rotating mechanism works and if the flame light will be lit up. 

⦁    If it’s working, create the illusion of charcoal or firewood. You can experiment on what you want it to be. You can use Styrofoam, real firewood, small chunks of wood, and so on! 

⦁    Place it at the front part, where it covers all of the mechanisms behind the fireplace lantern. 

⦁    Install the plexiglass to cover it and, of course, to make it appear like there’s wood burning in the background! 

That’s it! That is the procedure on how you can craft and make a fireplace lantern at home! 

In case you’re interested to see it in action, here’s a video that we found that’ll help you with what you’re looking for! 


Here’s another one, but this one dissects an already-made small fireplace lantern

Fireplace Lantern With Moving Flames 
Figure 11 ΓÇô Fireplace Lantern With Moving Flames .jpeg

As we mentioned above, the cutouts of the aluminum sheets will cause the illusion of flame movement. There wouldn’t really be flames and fire in the device, it’s just an optical illusion.

But, why is it that there are fireplace lanterns with moving flames? This actually happens because of a rotating mechanism that you can find inside the machine. 

With a turning or a rotating mechanism, it creates the illusion that there’s movement inside the lantern. Partner it up with an LED light, it would truly give you some flame-like movement within the lantern. 

And if you can’t find a lantern like this, our experts here at ANPU Lighting will be more than ready to help you! We offer an extensive range of fireplace lanterns, and we’re certain that we’ll be able to give you the kind of lantern you’re looking for! 

Fireplace Lantern With Timer 
Figure 12 ΓÇô Fireplace Lantern With Timer.jpeg

Do you want a fireplace lantern that you can set to a timer for it to turn off? We got that too! ANPU Lighting will never fail you when it comes to the kind and the type of lantern you need! 

Our fireplace lanterns are complete with timers that can go for an hour, 3 hours, and even those that you can specifically set a time to turn off! 

Never waste electricity again by using our timer-ready fireplace lanterns! 

Fireplace Lanterns Large 

Amazon is complete with all types of large fireplace lanterns. 

Figure 13 ΓÇô Fireplace Lanterns Large.jpeg

There are some that you can use for outdoor purposes; some that you can use on your garden, and even those that you can utilize for camping or any other outdoor activity. 

While Amazon is one of the best places to go to, we’re sure that you’ll be able to get and find the large fireplace lanterns here with us at ANPU Lighting! 

With the vast and comprehensive library of fireplace lanterns that we have, you’ll feel that it’s difficult to choose! 

Lanterns For Fireplace Hearth 

A hearth is a type of location that’s usually the base of a fireplace. If you have a hearth, then, most likely, you have a fireplace! 

Figure 14 ΓÇô Lanterns For Fireplace Hearth.jpg

On the contrary, there are several houses that have hearths but do not have fireplaces. Fret not! Here with us at ANPU Lighting, we can get you fireplace lanterns that you can install on your hearths! 

We offer inexpensive custom lanterns that you can install to your hearth to make it look like you have a fireplace at home! They’re so realistic to the extent that you’ll even be able to feel the warmth or the heat from it! 

Fireplace Lanterns UK 

The United Kingdom (UK) is among the countries that are capable of offering a wide and a versatile range of fireplace lanterns. 

Figure 15 ΓÇô Fireplace Lanterns UK.jpeg

They’re equipped with various fireplace lantern manufacturers, which include, but are not limited to Faire, Lights4Fun, NordicHouse, and many more! 

You’ll find purchasing from them convenient because they’re near and they most likely are created from high-quality materials. But, did you know that most of these fireplace lantern manufacturers get their products and their materials from China, too? 

This means, if you choose to work directly with a Chinese fireplace lantern manufacturer, you’ll not only get better rates and prices, you’ll also receive the product without it going through the hands of other entities! 

Work with a premium and world-class quality Chinese fireplace lantern manufacturer like us here at ANPU Lighting! 

Fireplace Lanterns Amazon 

When you search for fireplace lanterns on Amazon, you’ll be greeted by some of the website’s most-purchased and most-searched fireplace lanterns. 

Figure 16 ΓÇô Fireplace Lanterns Amazon.png

They’re from manufacturers like JHY Design, YAKiii, LitezAll, and many more! The usual prices for these fireplace lanterns fall between $15 and $29.99. 

On the flip side, there are certain fireplace lanterns priced at $30.00 and above. They’re from manufacturers and stores like Kurt S. Adler, ASLUX, GlitzHome, and Kismile! 

Why pay for these lucrative prices if you can get the same quality for a better and a more competitive rate from us here at ANPU Lighting? The $100-fireplace lanterns that you see? 

Well, you can purchase them from us for $30, even less if you purchase in bulk or in wholesale! 

Learn more about how we can get you affordable custom, but high-quality fireplace lanterns! 

Top 5 Amazon Fireplace Lanterns 

These are the top 10 fireplace lanterns that you can purchase from Amazon. 

YAKii Rectangle Fireplace Lantern
YAKii Rectangle Fireplace Lantern.png
Kurt S. Adler Battery-Operated LED Fireplace Lantern 
Kurt S. Adler LED Fireplace Lantern.png
ASLUX Fireplace Lantern 
Figure 2 ΓÇô Decorative Fireplace Lanterns.jpg
Kismile 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Heater 
Kismile 3D Infra.png
N/C Rectangle Fireplace Lantern 
N_C Rectangle Fireplace Lantern.png
Fireplace Lanterns Wall 
Figure 17 ΓÇô Fireplace Lanterns Wall.png

Apart from tabletop fireplace lanterns, our team here at ANPU Lighting can also produce wall fireplace lanterns! Akin to our large fireplace lanterns, our wall fireplace lanterns are also usable in both indoor and outdoor applications. 

We construct and manufacture our fireplace lanterns with IP54 enclosures, meaning, it’s fully protected from dust, oil, dirt, as well as other materials that are non-corrosive but can contribute to the wearing out of your lantern! 

ANPU Lighting’s fireplace lantern walls are tight and fully enclosed to the extent that you’ll never worry about premature damage and wear and tear! 

LED Fireplace Lanterns 

Specializing in the manufacturing of LED fireplace lanterns, you will not have a single inch of trouble and worry when you choose to work with us here at ANPU Lighting. 

Figure 18 ΓÇô LED Fireplace Lanterns.jpeg

For more than a decade, we’ve given and provided all our clients the peace of mind when it 
came to fireplace lanterns. 

You can order all the different types and kinds of lanterns from us, whether you need an LED antique fireplace lantern, a fireplace lantern with a timer, a good-quality hearth fireplace lantern, and many more! 

LED Fireplace No Heat 

Are you looking for an LED fireplace lantern that does not have heat? Do you yearn to purchase an LED fireplace that’s only for display and design? 

FIgure 19 ΓÇô LED Fireplace No Heat.png

Wayfair, Walmart, Foter, Amazon, Home Depot – all of these stores can provide no-heat LED fireplace lanterns. The best part about that, is you don’t have to go elsewhere to get it. 

Many people think of this as a convenience, until they see the pricing. Furthermore, if you’re more of a crafty type of person or if you’re going to purchase fireplace lantern with no heat in bulk to sell it for retail, you might need a custom fireplace lantern for it. 
That’s the best timing to work with us here at ANPU Lighting. We can promise to deliver high-quality custom fireplace lanterns, wherever you are in the world. 

Unlike other fireplace lantern manufacturing companies, ANPU Lighting sources out its products and materials from high-quality suppliers and sources all throughout the country. 

Never will you be able to find a fireplace lantern manufacturer as adept, skilled, and as experienced as us! We always consider the businesses of our clients ours, and therefore, we never take them for granted! 

LED Fireplace Lantern Home Bargains 

Home Bargains is one of the most popular discount stores in the UK. You can find almost anything here from tablecloths, utensils, and yes, even fireplace lanterns!

Figure 20 ΓÇô LED Fireplace Lantern Home Bargains.png

One of the best things about Home Bargains is the fact you’re sure that you’ll be getting all the items you need at a discounted rate. However, the drawback of it is that you might not be able to meet the standard that you’re after. 

What we mean by this is that because of the cheap price of the items here, you can’t expect tremendously high-quality goods and items. 

That’s the beauty of choosing a Chinese fireplace lantern manufacturer like us here at ANPU Lighting. Since most of our clients are actually big companies in and around the U.S., we charge them for a small amount, and they resell it for a higher price because of “their brand” or “their name.” 

The vast library of fireplace lantern options that you can purchase from Home Bargains, we’re sure that we’ll be able to help you with it, too. 

Flame Effect Lantern 

Are you looking for a flame effect fireplace lantern? Don’t you want the type that just casts a shadow of the fire that’s coming from it? 

Fake Fire Lanterns 2.jpeg

Amazon offers a vast pool of flame effect lanterns that you will never have a shortage of choosing from. But, are you sure that they have the exact type of flame effect lantern that you want and need? 

Well, if you are, you’re in for a treat! We here at ANPU Lighting can give you the flame effect lanterns that you’re looking for. 
Wherever you are in the world, our experts and our professionals here at ANPU Lighting will never leave you! 

LED Flame Effect Lantern

Apart from regular flame effect lanterns, ANPU can also produce and manufacture high-tech LED flame effect lanterns for you! 

Figure 22 ΓÇôLED Flame Effect Lantern.jpeg

The LED flame effect lanterns that we can give you will absolutely never disappoint you. We don’t just promise quality, we also work on the timing, delivery, and even customer service from our clientele! 

Flame Effect Lantern Argos 

Across the entire plain of the UK, Argos is one of the e-commerce shops known for the quality of lighting and fixtures that they sell to the public. 

One of the top-selling products that they have, apparently, is the line of their flame effect lanterns. Unlike their local competitors, they’re offering many different options for the specific needs of the purchasing public. 

But, were you aware that these flame effect lanterns they’re selling are actually bought from China? Yes, they’re like every other European or American retail store – they get a Chinese supplier to manufacture their products, then, in turn, they sell it for a higher price. 

So, if you’re looking to save money, get to work with us here at ANPU Lighting for the flame effect lanterns you need! We’re able to manufacture different styles and flame effects for the lanterns that you’re looking for! 

Flame Effect Lantern Bunnings 

If Argos and Home Bargains are two (2) of the UK’s most popular go-to places for almost all products you can think of, Bunnings is Australia’s player. 

You can purchase whatever type of product you can think of from Bunnings. They offer everything from gardening tools and equipment, flooring, heating, kitchen and home appliances, furniture, lighting, and many more! 

Bunnings’ flame effect lanterns are also some of the most-sought after items they have in their arsenal! But, just like companies and businesses in the UK, they get their products from Chinese manufacturers like us here at ANPU Lighting. 

If they trusted us, then so can you! We promise you that once you get the chance to work with us, you will never feel the need to look for or switch fireplace lantern manufacturers ever again. 

Flame Effect Outdoor Lanterns 
Figure 23 ΓÇô Flame Effect Outdoor Lanterns.jpeg

Indoor flame effect lanterns are one thing, but flame effect outdoor lanterns are another. While many people like to think that you can use indoor fireplace with flame effect lanterns for the outdoors, too, think again. 

Most of the time, indoor flame effect lanterns wouldn’t be as efficient, durable, and as longer-lasting as flame effect outdoor lanterns. 

This is due to the fact that outdoor devices and items need to be strong and resistant to whatever the environment can cast upon it. For instance, most flame effect indoor lanterns wouldn’t have a grade of enclosure because it being indoors wouldn’t impose threats to its internal structure. 

On the flip side, flame effect outdoor lanterns are expected to be resistant to dust, dirt, air, snow, water, and all other things that can penetrate it. 

ANPU Lighting would be your best bet if you’re looking for flame effect outdoor lanterns. In our experience, we never fell out of the expectations of our clients. We always met, even exceeded the requirements that they were looking for! 

Fake Fire Lanterns 

There’s no need for you to set foot outside of your home if you’re looking for fake fire lanterns. You can purchase fake fire lanterns in many different designs from Amazon. Etsy has its own roster of fake fire lanterns that you could like, too! 

Fake Fire Lanterns 1.jpeg

The point is, the internet is now filled with many retail stores and shops that you can take advantage of if you’re looking for whatever item or material you may need. 

So, if you’re looking to purchase fake fire lanterns wholesale, you can never go wrong if you decide to work with us here at ANPU Lighting. 

Compared to our competitors all across China, we’ve been deemed and considered as the best, the most trusted, and the most relied on supplier of fake fire lanterns. 

Several world-renowned retail stores have asked for our products for their displays! Not only that, we also participated in numerous exhibits, which showcased our work to companies and corporations worldwide! 

Fake Fire Lanterns 2.jpeg
Flameless Fireplace 

If you ever find yourself in need of a flameless fireplace, the most ideal thing to do is to go to Walmart or any other store near you, right? 

Figure 24 ΓÇô Flameless Fireplace.jpeg

While you may be able to find good products there, it wouldn’t cut the mark if what you want is unique, custom, and rare. 

Here at ANPU Lighting, not only do we have hundreds of flameless fireplaces you can choose from, we can also be your go-to company if you’re looking for custom fireplace lanterns! 

Send us a sketch or a drawing of the flameless fireplace you need and we’ll give you a free quotation for it immediately. 

In case you’re worried about the overall quality of our products, don’t! Most of our clients thought the same way, but got surprised when we supplied them what they needed. 

Fake Fireplace 

Fake fireplaces, fireplace lanterns, even indoor and outdoor flame effect lanterns – get all of those and more from us here at ANPU Lighting. 

We wouldn’t be labeled and known as China’s top-selling and most-trusted lighting manufacturer if we offered regular items, right? 

Whatever type of fireplace lantern you need, whatever size, we can help you! Our team of seasoned engineers and lighting experts can produce the specific and the accurate styles and designs that you want for your fireplace lanterns! 

Solar Flickering Flame Lantern 

TomCare and Arzerlize, two (2) of the most prominent names in the industry of manufacturing solar flickering flame lanterns. You can find both of them on Amazon and on eBay. 

Figure 25 ΓÇô Solar Flickering Flame Lantern.jpg

Their qualities are undoubtedly high. As a matter of fact, these two (2) companies are the best-selling solar flickering flame lanterns in the industry! 

What you might not be familiar to is the fact that they get their products from a Chinese manufacturer like us here at ANPU Lighting. And, by the thousands of orders we get on a monthly basis, who knows? They might be two (2) of the primary clients that we have? 

Solar Flickering Torch Lights 

Apart from solar flickering flame lanterns, you can also bank on us if you’re on the hunt for solar flickering torch lights. The vast and the large-stretch of the collection of experience that we have here at ANPU Lighting will definitely astound you. 

We’re so popular and sought-after by businesses and companies from all across the globe not only because of regular fireplace lanterns, but also because of the solar flickering torch lights that we can offer you! 

Get in touch with our team and we’ll draft up an estimate for the orders you require! 

Solar Flickering Lantern Lights 

ANPU Lighting can also supply you with solar flickering lantern lights if you need it! You can literally bank and count on us for all the types and kinds of solar flickering that your business may require! 

Whether you need indoor or outdoor solar flickering lantern lights, our team of experts can procure the specific and the accurate lights that you need! 

With our solar flickering lantern lights, you won’t really have to worry about strength and durability. All of the solar flickering lanterns that we have in our arsenal will blow you away! 

Solar Flickering Lantern Costco 

Costco is home to some of the simplest, yet most affordable solar flickering lanterns. They’re so widespread that you can purchase Costco solar flickering lights on Amazon! 

Yes! Costco solar flickering lanterns are available on Amazon – the best part about it is that you can purchase both indoor and outdoor solar flickering lanterns there, too! 

But what if we told you that the products that you get from Amazon are produced by us here at ANPU Lighting? It’s not good to badmouth American companies, but you can actually get solar flickering lanterns that are more than three (3) times cheaper than how much you need to pay for them via Amazon. 

Flickering Flame Lantern 

Over the years of producing lanterns, our company was able to innovate and improve our products, as we’re few of the first companies that have produced flickering flame lanterns.

Figure 26 ΓÇô Flickering Flame Lantern .jpg

Do note, though, that we don’t use real flames. Instead, we create artificial flames to make the illusion that they’re flickering. 

Browse through the collection of all the flickering flame lanterns that we’ve made for our clients! 

Flickering Flame Lantern As Seen on TV 

At least once in your lifetime, you’ve seen flickering flame lanterns on the television. 

Figure 27 ΓÇô Flickering Flame Lantern As Seen on TV.jpg

In case you find it too good to be true, shoot us a message and we’ll get you that flickering flame lantern that you thought were not real. 

You can even request custom lanterns, as well as how you want them to move! With ANPU Lighting, your options will never be exhausted. We innovate and produce new products every now and then! 

If you’re a trailblazer, you can trust us to be your medium to make it happen! 

Outdoor Flickering Flame Lantern 

Most flickering flame lanterns only have indoor versions. But, here at ANPU Lighting, we came up with the idea of creating or producing outdoor flickering flame lanterns. 

Figure 28 ΓÇô Outdoor Flickering Flame Lantern.jpeg

The outdoor flickering flame lanterns we’re offering are completely enclosed and are equipped with cutting-edge technology so they don’t die as easily as indoor flickering flame lanterns do. 

Don’t worry, we test and assess all our products before we set them out for delivery! 

Why ANPU Lighting Is Your Best Choice For Fireplace Lanterns 

Apart from the fact that we’ve been in business for more than a decade, we’ve successfully streamlined all our services, as well as our products so that it’ll be able to cater to the needs of all customers who need it. 

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever business you may be in, you will never fail if you choose us here at ANPU Lighting to be your go-to source for your fireplace lanterns. 

Other than fireplace lanterns, you can also trust us if ever you are in dire need of Motif Lights, LED Neon Lights, Sunset Lamps, and many more! 

Give us a quick call or shoot us an email and we’ll be ready to give and send a free quotation for you!