3, LED Tree


There are main 5 series of our led trees for your option:


1, LED Simulated Tree 


LED Cherry Tree

LED Lucky Apple Tree

Simulation bonsai

LED Willow Tree


2, Non-Simulated Tree Series


LED Cherry Tree

LED Clove/Lilac Tree

LED Maple Tree

LED Willow Tree

LED Pine Tree

LED Fruits Tree


3, Special Tree Series (Tall)


LED Palm Tree

LED Coconut TreeLED Kwai Tree 

LED Fortunate Tree


4, Special Tree Series (Short)


Reed light

Plastic dropping bonsai

Vase lamp

Flower basket light

Mushroom tree


5, RGB LED Tree (Color Changing)


Color Changing




You will see the above trees in our catalog (same as our catalog contents). After checking, please try to make sure which kinds of trees do you prefer.


There are also some other details for your option:

1, LEDs QTY.

2, Height & Width.

3, Color.

4, Qty of leaves. (This is only optional for coconut trees).

Please refer to our price lists, and will see all options there.

After checking, please let us know your detailed requirements on the trees.

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